The Dubious Nature of Campaign 2016!

Windsor, CA
February 3, 2016

by Rich Scheck

If what happened two days ago in Iowa is any indication of what lies ahead, the 2016 presidential election will be one funky ordeal!

With the results in both primaries subject to question, the already dubious nature of our political process has increased.

Ted Cruz, the Canadian born Texas Senator with the suspicious claim to “natural-born” citizenship, accelerated his bad image among many by tweeting to the caucus goers a few hours before the vote that a key rival, Ben Carson, was about to drop out.

That is beyond chutzpah!  That smacks of fraud and criminal intent to this former attorney, something others besides me and Donald Trump have noticed.

On the Democratic side, the coin-flip crowd who somehow managed to win six straight tosses for Hillary have only undermined whatever minimal level of integrity that was left in the process.  Their gamble on this approach have left some completely disgusted that there is any hope of salvaging America’s claim to the democratic process.

While many on the sidelines are urging Senator Sanders to go on the attack to cry foul, the man from Vermont remains unwilling to go for the jugular against a very vulnerable Hillary Clinton.

These events are stunning in their symbolic demonstration of how low our politics has become, now a virtual joke!  Even former President Carter is calling the Citizens United decision on campaign finance, “legalized bribery!”

The rest of the world was already having a hard time taking seriously a campaign dominated by a clever, billionaire Showman from New York and a bunch of war-mongering Republicans or the ludicrous display of silliness from the Democrats who pit an aging Socialist from New England against the scandal-ridden former First Lady who in a perfect Universe would be serving time — serious time — in prison.

The Clinton baggage is unrelenting and diverse:  from cattle futures to bimbo eruptions; to funny-money campaign contributions; to questionable donations to their Foundation; to the strange death of Vince Forster; to the current dilemmas surrounding Benghazi and private e-mail use for classified information.

On and on it goes!  Those right-wing conspirators never sleep.  But anyone with a sense of fairness who has done some research knows that it goes far beyond partisanship to the deep rot at the core of the Clinton Brand.

Now that the Republicans seem to have rejected the similarly tainted Bush Brand, their circus is seeing a reduction in the number of players with several dropping out following Monday’s vote.

But any claim to clarity and sanity in this ordeal is belied by the obvious reality of what lies ahead:  petty fights, negative ads aplenty, promises that will never be kept, outright lies and more divisiveness to keep the public stupefied and distracted from meaningful discussions!

Perhaps it has always been this way in the great American experiment of electoral politics.  But things do seem to have reached a new low in terms of waste and absurdity in the face of the daunting litany of serious issues confronting the polity and its future leaders.

What this portends for the potential rise of a third party and the future of America remains to be seen.  With the election still 40 weeks away, the only thing that might get us through this are prayers……………and an abiding sense of humor!  


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