Ron Paul: Dems Might Dump Hillary!

Rohnert Park, CA
February 1, 2016

by Rich Scheck

With the FBI hot on her tail, Ron Paul speculates that the
Democratic Party might be tempted to dump Hillary:

Add to what we already know about the e-mail scandal and all the
other ones that have marked her sordid career, here is another
huge puss ball ready to burst against her and Bill should she remain
in the race:

And if that’s not enough to spoil her fun, how about $6 million from
George Soros to tarnish her image even more:

It’s truly amazing the New York Times felt no compunction endorsing her.
The egregious conflicts of interest she apparently had as Secretary of State
with funds flowing to Bill and The Clinton Foundation are truly irksome.

Paul may be guessing that the Democrats are feeling ultra vulnerable because of these developments. But in this strange year of political shenanigans, these kind of dramatic and unexpected events may well become the norm before the final tally in November.

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