Obama Flaunts The Most Flawed Legislation In US History

The US Federal Government has finally overstepped to a degree which is as unacceptable as it is intolerable. Completely over the top! Totally crossed the line! Beyond the pale!

Washington has overreached into the pockets of millions of Americans without the means to pay for a health insurance program which many do not even want.

This sole political transaction, pushed by Obama himself as the centerpiece of his term in office, will surely seal his fate as a one term president. With this judicial victory in hand he has succeeded in cementing a law that is as unlawful as it is draconian. The health care law’s individual insurance mandate is clearly an unconstitutional piece of legislation which represents a redistribution of wealth from the poorest among us to the richest health insurance corporations in the nation.

Bread or drugs? What’s it gonna be?

What this ruling in favor of Corporate Healthcare really represents is a financial assault on those who possess neither the means to pay nor the capacity to defend themselves from this corporate juggernaut. By enabling the health insurance companies to pick the pockets of those who are simply trying to put bread on the table, the US Government is an accomplice to a crime against its citizenry.

Imagine that? A family living at or below the poverty line is being forced to choose between bread and drugs. As if there is any comparison between the two. In the midst of the greatest depression since the Great Depression, the poorest US citizens will now be compelled to pay for a service many do not want and cannot afford.

When legislation places the value of drugs over food, it is time for the people to reassess the role of government in their lives. It also calls into question the true motivations behind such a dubious program. Many have been asking why a President and Supreme Court would sponsor and uphold respectively such a piece of unlawful and harmful legislation. Taking food out of the mouths of the poorest among us and replacing it with drugs must have some agenda behind it.  

Unmistakably, the number one reason for this blatant intrusion by government into the lives of the citizenry is about control. Simply put, a drugged populace is an easily controlled and compliant populace. Once these folks who have not participated in any type of health insurance program are covered by this new and shiny umbrella, they will feel obliged to use it. And use it they will to get their money’s worth, unaware that they will be slowly drawn into the pharmaceutical model of healthcare, where highly toxic and powerful drugs are the remedy for all that ails them.

Chief Justice Violates the Constitution

That the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would not only breaks ranks with his fellow conservatives, but also do so in a manner which profoundly violates the US Constitution illustrates just how deep the agenda goes. To offer the majority opinion that not only deviates form the other four affirming liberal justices, but much more significantly equates to legislating directly from the bench, flies in the face of all that is expected from the highest arbiter in the land.

Such extremism acted out in the interest of both a hidden social engineering agenda as well as never-ending corporate enrichment, must be looked at very closely since no decision in Supreme Court history will have such grave repercussions. There is much that went down before this decision was made. John Roberts must be made to answer for actions completely unbecoming a Chief Justice which are in clear violation of his oath of office.

Many have speculated that, due to previous medical conditions of a very serious nature, the Chief Justice may be on a powerful regimen of prescription drugs which have profoundly altered his judgement and ability to reason. Such a predicament, if true, would provide ample explanation for the travesty of ‘justice’ which he authored after his epic ruling.


For the uninitiated, what the Chief Justice has effectively done is single-handedly levied a tax against the American people. He went so far beyond his statutory judicial capacity that most in the judiciary and legal arena are still shocked and stupefied by his misconduct. He not only blurred the lines between three branches of government, he unilaterally expanded his personal portfolio to include the other two.

No one has faulted the Chief Justice for lack of creativity or fertile imagination with this ruling. He has clearly demonstrated the ability to fantasize well outside of his purview of responsibility. Because the national justice system provides no obvious remedy to this flight of fancy (read: abuse of power), this illegal act of betrayal against the nation will be taken up in a manner never seen within its borders.

Impact on 2012 Election and Beyond

Where this will go from here is anyone’s guess. Clearly the political implications are stark and hairy, as are the electoral ramifications. Come November, many will show up at the voting booth who had no intention of voting. Only because Mitt Romney has promised to repeal such a fatally flawed piece of legislation, will a large swath of the electorate be galvanized to do something momentous.

Perhaps there is another narrative at work in this Kafkaesque saga. Just maybe John Roberts planted this poison pill in this law which will all but guarantee its slow and painful death. “Imagine”, a tax being levied on the American electorate just prior to a presidential election, by the very conservative Chief Justice himself.

Only the voting public can right this wrong. And only Obama has much to lose for his transparent shilling for an industry which has, is, and will continue to contribute mightily to the bankruptcy of the USA.

Perhaps it’s time for the US Corporation to go bankrupt. So that common sense and the human faculty of reason may return to the public discourse. And so the body politic might take back its power from a conscienceless corporate entity without conscience that knows no bounds toward unconscionable enrichment.

Truly, the time has come for the corporate-government complex to be dissolved, so that all Americans may walk free again. Corporate fascism has wreaked too much havoc across the land. Only when the fascist corpocracy is sufficiently neutered, and the complicit tyranny of government adequately exposed, will the desperately needed social contract be revivified and public trust be restored.

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June 29, 2012

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