“Everything in Washington is a lie!” — Donald Trump

Irvine, CA
August 23, 2015

New York Times: Trump Is Here To Stay!

by Rich Scheck


Love him or hate him, Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency is
here to stay………at least for the time being.

That is the conclusion of the New York Times following their research
into the reasons for Trump’s broad appeal.

It is obvious that his popularity reflects the deep dissatisfaction felt by
millions of disaffected voters across a wide political spectrum.

Trump articulates the populist sentiment to throw the bums in Washington from both parties out of power.

Beyond the sophistication of most pundits and talking heads, the public
knows in their souls how corrupt our government has become and they
want change.

Because of his personality, wealth and willingness to speak boldly about issues meaningful to many voters, the polls are accurately indicating that he is the man to beat in 2016.

Is he the answer to the nation’s problems? Probably not. Certainly his
slogan of “Make America Great Again!” implies the kind of American
Exceptionalism that has gotten us in so much trouble in recent years,
particularly with the NeoCon approach of Global Manifest Destiny used
to justify unending foreign military interventions.

The prospect of a strong army to defend the nation and its borders is one
thing. The promise of boots on the ground again in the Middle East is an
all to familiar notion that we can ill afford at this time.

So as the campaign unfolds, these and other issues such as job creation
and immigration will get a further airing by him and the other candidates.

For now, though, the inchoate sentiment of those interviewed and polled show
the disgust with all the lying and insincere posturing by mainstream pols.

Trump spoke to that in this 2007 interview with Wolf Blitzer when he loudly
stated: “Everything in Washington is a lie!”

That is true of Hillary Clinton as we are seeing with her latest scandals that
is discussed by Dave Hodges in the article I include in the notes.

And that is equally if not more true of Jeb Bush with his deep family ties to CIA
machinations as captured playfully in Luke Rudkowski’s video below.

If he can stay on theme and pound away at the disingenuous politicians who
are competing to become Commander In Chief, Trump has a real chance to
catapult himself into the White House.

Whether as the Republican nominee or as an Independent leading a third party
effort (with or without Jesse Ventura), Trump’s popularity and relevance to
contemporary American politics has only just begun.

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