The U.S. State Department has its own Very Deep State

You want to know who Deep State is? Clock every “State” Dept. witness called by Adam Schiff!

State of the Nation

Yes, it’s been very difficult to watch the utterly fraudulent House impeachment scam being conducted by Grand Inquisitioner Adam Bennett Schiff.

However, don’t think the “Universe” is not giving every awakened (not woke) American an awesome opportunity to see the notorious Deep State at work.

The body politic has never been treated to such a graphic display of Deep State decision-makers, directors, managers, operatives and agents hard at work subverting the U.S. Federal Government IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

So, as difficult as its been to view the despicable Adam Schiff run his kangaroo court, as well as so many other agents of Deep State bear false witness against the POTUS, the impeachment inquiry has provided a rare glimpse in its workings.  Truly, the American people have been blessed with this rare peek behind the Deep State curtain.

Deep State at State

The U.S. Department of State has always been a major haven for all sorts of agents and operatives of Deep State since the very beginning.

Who doesn’t know that every U.S. embassy in the world is harbors a C.I.A. cell of spooks and spies?

When this is State’s primary mission abroad — to spy and surveil on the host nation — why would the same undercover agents not spy on the White House when ordered to by their rogue C.I.A. superiors at Langley?

This is precisely how the C.I.A. perpetrators exact compliance from the entire State Department hierarchy and staff.

They first demand that key positions at State become C.I.A. employees answerable first to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Other key positions are filled where folks are brought onboard as contractors.  In this way, the U.S. Intelligence Community has the entire U.S. foreign policy and international relations apparatus totally locked up.

Then there are the countless Deep State-directed think tanks and brain trusts that are widely represented throughout the organizational chart of the State Department.  Each of these characters has been vetted by those foreign-controlled organizations (think CFR) so that their behavior and sentiments are well known and predictable when their services are farmed out to the State Dept.

How easy is it for the C.I.A. to demand complete obedience, of their own employees who are assigned to State, to their administration-opposing directives?

Now add to this list of rebels a whole host of other mutineers who also want to run their own games, even if it means a POTUS must be impeached.

Who are we referring to in the instant case?

Just take a close look at Schiff’s hostile witness list below.

William Taylor is the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who took over the embassy after Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was removed from that post for what was basically insubordination (not implementing the administration’s policies in Ukraine).

George Kent is the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs and the department’s top Ukraine official.

Marie Yovanovitch was the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (2016-2019). She previously served as Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia (2008-2011) and the Kyrgyz Republic (2005-2008). From 2012-2013, Ambassador Yovanovitch was the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, where she was responsible for policy on European and global security issues. She also served as the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 2004-2005.  Her testimony given before the House impeachment inquiry panel sounded like a grievance session during an HR exit interview.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine specialist on the National Security Council. Vindman listened to the July 25 telephone conversation in the White House Situation Room and reported his concerns about the president’s mention of political investigations to the top NSC attorney, John Eisenberg.

Jennifer Williams, a foreign service aide detailed to Vice President Pence’s office who listened in on the July 25 call between Trump and Zelenskiy.

Gordon Sondland. Once a top donor to the president’s inaugural committee, Sondland has faced intense scrutiny about his closed-door testimony after he sent the committee a three-page amendment reversing his initial account. In that addendum, Sondland said he personally told a top aide to Zelenskiy that the release of U.S. aid to Ukraine was linked to investigations.

Laura Cooper, a deputy assistant secretary at the Defense Department, who in closed-door testimony said that Ukrainians raised the administration’s delay of $391 million in security assistance in August.

Fiona Hill, formerly the top Russia specialist on the National Security Council, testified last month that she registered concerns about the parallel foreign policy channel that Giuliani was using to impact policy in Ukraine.

David Holmes, a State Department aide who overheard a phone conversation between Sondland and the president on July 26. Holmes appeared in a closed-door interview on Friday, but several Democrats who listened to his testimony indicated that they wanted him to appear in a public hearing.
(Source: Impeachment Public Hearings Week 2 — Who Is Testifying And What Happens Next)

These are just a few of the bad actors who comprise Deep State at the Department of State.

Now that we know who these Deep Staters are, who were conveniently embedded into the Democrat-engineered UKRAINEgate scandal by the C.I.A., just imagine how many more political miscreants there are across the whole of the U.S. State Department.

They certainly don’t refer to it as “State” for no reason.

KEY POINTS: As for who is controlling so many high-level employees at State, that C.I.A. bagman and Rothschild bankster George Soros must have the “Deepest” pockets inside the Beltway.  The highly dramatic and disjointed testimony of Gordon Sondland perfectly illustrates just how much Deep State has these diplomats on a string.  Sondland’s schizo performance also showed how the Deep State Democrats knew just how to manipulate him into providing nonexistent evidence against Trump. See: Sondland’s Siren’s Song: Democrats Blow All 8 Gaskets!


There’s very good reason why the U.S. Department of State is infamous for exerting its unique brand of gunboat diplomacy throughout the world community of nations for well over a century.

As soon as the The USA Became The Military Arm Of The New World Order, TPTB took complete control of the largest military machine the world has ever known.  Once that happened, the State Department went from being a peace-making diplomatic entity to an emissary of the Military-Industrial Complex, as well as the vanguard of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Toward that end, the ponerized diplomatic corps has been chosen from the ranks of various organizations, corporations and think tanks who agendas can be more quickly advanced through warmongering than by statecraft.  Most of these career officers are dyed-in-the-wool agents of Deep State.

Special Note: Using the Ukraine as a glaring example, the following crucial points were sent to SOTN by a former CIA official who is quite familiar with the systematic machinations of Deep State.

Ukraine is three different things:

01 Israel/Soros using US money and Neocon support to replace a criminal communist regime with a criminal fascist regime, with some anticipation of creating a mini-Israel on the continent.

02 Biden & son crimes and corruption overlain with Soros pay-to-play corruption

03 CrowdStrike perhaps — the DNC servers are not in the Ukraine that I know of and Bill Binney has shown definitively that the downloads were to a flash drive by an insider.

No story makes the point that horse-trading is part of the normal give and take of all forms of relationships, the bullshit that has built up around a simple request to OPEN an investigation (as opposed to Biden’s heavy-handed pressure to CLOSE an investigation into his son) is baffling — but perhaps a sign of how desperate the Deep State is, and the political and media shills are.

Finally, no one has done a good job of folding in the unassimilated immigrant traitors including the TWO Vindman brothers atached to the White House and Fiona aka Fred Hill, who worked for George Soros and stabbed Trump in the back.

State of the Nation
November 22, 2019

[1] Soros Controls Large Swaths of the U.S. Department of State — Former U.S. Attorney)

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