Sondland’s Siren’s Song: Democrats Blow All 8 Gaskets!

State of the Nation

Remember, Ambassador Gordon Sondland is a hotel magnate.

He made his money from hotel development, and he still makes his money from the various revenue streams from his hotel empire.

So vulnerable is Sondland to economic sabotage that U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) called for a boycott of his hotels.  That happened before Sondland gave his contorted and distorted testimony.

Here’s what happened after Sondland said whatever his handlers demanded of him:

Spokesman says Blumenauer’s call for a Provenance Hotels boycott is over: “He’s moved on.”

Liberal protesters against Gordon Sondland outside the Sentinel Hotel on Nov. 19, 2019. (Briana Ybanez)

This is how the Left threatens and bullies anyone who does not promote the Trump impeachment narrative.  The liberals will start boycotts and file lawsuits, threaten with violence and intimidate via political power, and do or say whatever they must to elicit total submission to their cause of the day.

House Testimony

Then came the time for Sondland to deliver his much-awaited testimony before the House impeachment inquiry.

Anyone watching his testimony could see and hear that Gordon Sondland was all over the place depending on who was questioning or cross-examining him.

There were, a times, shocking displays of full-blown Democrat manipulation of a fragile witness who was in way over his head.

For example, there was this naked exhibition of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ where a Democrat practically told Sondland what to say and how to say it.

Here’s how the predatory Democrats literally browbeat the desired testimony from their prey (Video)

To say that Sondland was totally out of his depth throughout his testimony would be a gross understatement.

And then the mainstream media took his contradictory statements and conflicting testimony and shamelessly used it as gospel.

Now the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is pushing “Sondland’s Siren Song” as the key testimony by which to launch a formal impeachment proceedings against the POTUS.

Impeachment of the POTUS can now be made official based on a siren song!

State of the Nation
November 21. 2019


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