Why It’s Imperative the Trump Impeachment FAILS!

Westlake Village, CA
November 16, 2019

by Rich Scheck

It is imperative for the Nation’s well-being that the reckless, irrational Impeachment
launched by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats fail!

Successful removal of Trump based on the claim that he abused his power in the
UkraineGate scandal would reward the “unelected elites” who constitute what I call
the VERY Deep State (VDS) that others label the New World Order Globalist Cabal.

These villainous members of Ike’s Military Industrial Complex are the epitome of the
criminal elements who rose to power during the Cold War and have come to dominate
the “councils of government” at all levels of society.

These VDS elements generally operate in secret and have taken control of virtually all
aspects of foreign and domestic policy. Their actions have significantly undermined the
Constitution and eroded the sacred Liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights while personally benefiting handsomely from their illicit behavior.

Far beyond a mere policy dispute regarding the future of Ukraine, what we see with this
CIA-implanted Whistle Blower in the White House is a highly sophisticated intelligence
operation. Those colluding have created a protection racket for their nefarious conduct.

They evoke “national security” and it’s related “thank you for your service” meme which is
accorded perfunctorily to those service men and women who are the often unwitting enablers of our endless interventionist, regime-change wars.

This is what Marine General Smedley Butler meant when he wrote his anti-war classic in the 1930’s: War Is A Racket!

The organized criminal effort by Schiff, Pelosi, Brennan, Zaid, Eric Ciaramella and others that we are watching unfold with the Impeachment hearings represents a grave danger to the country based on a carefully calculated effort to dramatize a relatively innocent and lawful action by Trump, and blow it up into an enormous case of supposed executive abuse worthy of ousting the incumbent.

Barely mentioned by anyone in the press, or even Trump’s defenders in Congress and the media, is that he was lawfully acting to implement the 2016 certification process that mandated him to sign off on Ukraine’s compliance with conditions requiring it to investigate corruption.

There is no evidence Trump wanted Ukraine to Illegally” step into the 2020 election and “dig up dirt” on a potential political rival. That’s an exaggeration at best and an outright twisting of the truth at worst. The dirt was already there with Hunter Biden’s shady relationship to Burisma and Joe gets no immunity against scrutiny because he is a candidate for higher office.

It’s a clever ruse that contorts reality and shifts blame by scapegoating Trump for the very conduct Biden is guilty of……….by his own admission in shutting down the 2016 military aid to Ukraine after forcing the removal of the corruption prosecutor.

There is much justified criticism of this president, perhaps including arguably impeachable offenses. But those are not included in the UkraineGate probe, and do not justify getting rid of a “bad apple” on any available charge for the reason I stated earlier; doing so in this context and based on an intelligence operation would legitimize, reward and embolden the worst elements in society who are already out of control.

These are the Swamp Creatures of the VDS Trump campaigned to drain from the DC cesspool but who have shown their incredible ability—-“six ways from Sunday”—-to keep coming back no matter how often they fail, how obvious their distorted charges and how blatant the lies they use in their coup efforts.

The stakes have been raised; the Democrats are clearly all-in; the intelligence community is doing everything it can to keep its dubious official narrative of patriotism and loyal service going while the president is hanging on via his tweets, DOJ threats to expose the RussiaGate hoax and whatever defense FOX news and the Patriot Movement can provide.

As the 2020 election draws closer, the grim figure of Hillary Clinton begins to emerge from the shadows in what she dreams will be a rematch. She hopes to achieve that by stealing the nomination again from her rivals now weakened further by the entry of Michael Bloomberg and Duval Patrick, while the spectacle of authoritarian rule implicit
in the NeoCon/NeoLiberal agenda of perpetual war hovers close to the corners of consciousness.

How bleak indeed when Trump Derangement Syndrome is so intense and pervasive that it can overcome the sense of decency the electorate demands, and where the contempt for him is so extraordinary that it exceeds respect for the democratic process and fundamental fairness.

Rewarding these scoundrels by removing Trump from office based on UkraineGate will be a disaster for all except an elite few, which is why it is imperative that such an effort fail!

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