Trump Impeachment Inquiry Goes Totally ‘Kafkaesque’

N. B.: The below article was composed after the author read the early news accounts pertaining to the Trump Impeachment Inquiry. Shortly thereafter, I learned of the president’s self-destructive and needless comments about Ambassador Yovanovich that were readily turned against him into charges of possible witness tampering. This writer is extremely disappointed in this latest misjudgment by Trump and is saddened at how it sabotages the efforts of those willing to defend him against the Democratic onslaught to remove him from office.

Thousand Oaks, CA
November 15, 2019

“Thank God for the Deep State!”

by Rich Scheck

It has come to this. The Democratic Party has morphed into the Left Wing of the War Party and is so eager to destroy Donald Trump that it enthusiastically supports the penetration of the Oval Office by CIA operatives.

Adam Schiff is a vile, rogue operator of low moral character, so comfortable with his McCarthyite tactics that he somehow justifies by the TDS he suffers like so many others focused on dispatching the renegade incumbent by any means possible, including reliance on a fabricated scandal validated by moles, disgruntled Obama Administration holdovers, and the corrupt elite of the MIC.

Behind it all are the puppeteers of the VERY Deep State whose minions are so emboldened by the pathetic pawns they readily manipulate that they overtly declare victory while exclaiming: “Thank God for the Deep State!”

The besmirched, venal Democrats hope to prevail with their Big Lie gambit surrounding Ukraine despite the complicity of their own top echelon in criminal activities linked to that country which Trump was obligated by a 2016 law to investigate.

For such temerity, the ingrate interloper from NYC must be vilified, impeached and removed from office through an overtly biased process that makes Alice In Wonderland and other Kafkaesque, Soviet style tribunals look fair by comparison.

The really sad news about all this very tragic drama is that both parties are completely immersed and immeshed in the illegal activities that stem directly from Imperial Overreach and the disruptive impact of the MIC agenda for global domination that was the basis for Ike’s warning in his 1961 Farewell Address to “beware” of these invidious forces bent on dominating the councils of government via a standing army and powerful cabal of weapons dealers linked to the Military.

There are no innocents here: it is the corrupt accusing the corrupt with various shades of responsibility pertaining to each individual with an electorate so enfeebled by its own lack of understanding as to enable this perversity that substitutes for legitimate foreign policy leadership by the elite globalist psychopaths in charge of our Ship of State.

Former top CIA analyst Ray McGovern calls the bipartisan false narrative regarding Russia’s so-called invasion of Ukraine ” a comic-book caricature of reality!” This is typical of the rationale presented to a gullible and enabling public to convince them that our endless intervenionist wars are justified. Syria, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Iran and now Bolivia are among the many nations on the long list of countries that require our meddling irrespective of campaign rhetoric to the contrary.

These lies and the propaganda fed to the presstitute media provide the cover for the bloated
military budgets from which this core group of warmongers profit so handsomely.

Adding to this dark scenario we see that “The Deep State has embarked on a ruthless, take-no-prisoners, all-out assault on truth-tellers.” Those brave enough to speak truth to power risk their lives and freedom as the full Orwellian impact of modernity accelerates its authoritarian thrust towards complete mind control.

Some ask: Where is the way out of such a dilemma? Who or what can save us from such evil? That stark questions grows ever more urgent in the light of the unending power grabs and complicit tolerance of those declaring: “Thank God for the Deep State!”


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