President Zelensky: “It Was Just A Phone Call!”

Westlake Village, CA
November 13, 2019

by Rich Scheck

“It was just a phone call!” That’s how Ukranian President Zelensky described the July 25 exchange between him and President Trump. No pressure; no demands or quid pro quo; no mention of the military aid his country was hoping to receive in the near future.

In a powerful exchange between Congressman Ratcliffe and top Schiff witnesses, the Texas Republican established definitively that Trump committed no impeachable offense.

He introduced the unrebutted Zelensky testimony regarding the July 25th phone call and established beyond any reasonable doubt that their was no pressure or impropriety of any kind .

Yet the Democrats led by the totally partisan Adam Schiff persist in what can only be described as a Witch Hunt/Kangaroo Court Impeachment Inquiry fraught with legal and political shortcomings not the least of which is the unconscionable presence of a partisan, anti-Trump CIA agent in the White House acting as a mole focused on bringing down the president.

This is an attempted coup organized by a highly dubious group of Democratic zealots including the tainted Whistleblower; his crazed lefty lawyer, Mark Zaid, Shifty Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, the MSM and members of the intelligence community with links to the Obama Administration and the Russiagate scandal.

In addition to the Ratcliffe exchange, Congressman Jordan made mince meant out of Ambassador Taylor.  This entire Constitutional crisis is one of the saddest episodes in American history since the McCarthy era which it rivals in terms of irrationality.

In a perfect universe, this case would never have started, would now be over or will hopefully be junked by the Senate once it reaches that Chamber following the inevitable House vote to impeach.

How the Democrats can continue to get away with characterizing Trump’s effort to investigate the criminal activity of Hunter Biden or Ukranian interference via Crowdstrike in the 2016 election as improper remains a mystery to me.

But at least some like Ratcliffe, Allen and Nunes are fighting back. Remarkably, I have yet to see any of them mention the requirement that the president certify Ukraine’s compliance with a 2016 law demanding the country investigate corruption as a condition for receiving aid.

Nor has anyone yet attacked the credibility of witnesses like Vindman who openly defied the president based on policy differences as well as having a brother implicated in the diversion of arms that resulted in a fine of over $1 billion.

Many of the witnesses are moles or spies with connections to the Democrats and George Soros…….Obama holdovers eager to protect their colleagues and oppose the president’s effort to change policy.

As Alan Dershowitz and others have said: there is no crime here, High, low or otherwise but at best a mere policy dispute being hyped by the Democrats into an impeachment frenzy.

There is so much wrong with this entire process fueled by Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is exhausting attempting to keep up with all the various machinations and related scandals.

The good news is that those interested in the truth can now see there is no case. The bad news is the process is far from over and far from ending with a result based on the facts and law.


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