PICAZIOgate: Sex, Lies & Audiotape (Video)

Attorney Kim Picazio and her missing child investigators behind the scenes

Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
SOTN Exclusive

Amy Dawson
Sept 20, 2019

This (first) audio reveals what was going on behind the scenes during the high-profile search for missing child HaLeigh Cummings in 2009.

Attorney Kim Picazio, the attorney that represented Crystal Sheffield, the mother of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, is heard talking to Jeremiah Regan, the administrator of the HaLeigh Bug Center.

In the first audio Jeremiah Regan is angry at Kim Picazio for telling people about a childhood secret he told her about in confidence while crying.

Jeremiah Regan and Kim Picazio discuss their intimate ‘relationship’ which has become a problem because Jeremiah Regan has told Kim Picazio’s husband that he had sex with his wife.

Kim Picazio tells Jeremiah Regan that her husband, Michael Picazio (convicted felon) owns a biofuel company.

Kim Picazio tells Jeremiah Regan she just received $550,000 and has been promised $231 Million.

Kim Picazio and Jeremiah Regan discuss Jeremiah Regan working for her husband’s company.

Jeremiah Regan is upset about Kim Picazio’s lying and the circumstances surrounding them having sex.

“You chose to have sex me,” Jeremiah Regan said.

Second Audio – this audio is very disturbing with high sexual content.

It reveals there are two ‘teams’ on the ground regarding the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping and Casey Anthony murder trial.

In this audio Michael Picazio takes the phone from Kim Picazio and tells Paula Andrews that Jeremiah Regan telephoned him and told him he F$#@#@ his wife.

In this audio Kim Picazio tells people Jeremiah Regan has a screw loose.

Attorney Kim Picazio betrays Jeremiah Regan’s trust and tells people his secret which was the fact he was molested as a child.

In this audio the team on the HaLeigh Cummings case discusses the team on the Casey Anthony case headed by PI Dominic Casey.

In this audio Kim Picazio talks about getting her PI William (Cobra) Staubs out of trouble with the police.

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