Why was Timothy Holmseth charged in criminal court for publishing audios he obtained regarding an international baby sales operation he uncovered connected to JEFFREY EPSTEIN?

Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
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Video title: Legal Assistant: Attorney Kim L. Picazio Possessed Naked Photos of Kidnapped HaLeigh Cummings


Transcript below
Legal assistant Donald Knop talks with investigative journalist Timothy Holmseth
Amy Dawson
Sept 23. 2019

The audio you hear detailing naked photos of a missing and endangered five-year-old child named HaLeigh Cummings has been in the files of the Polk County Court in Crookston, Minnesota for several years.

Chief District Judge Tamara Yon heard a Motion to Vacate, filed by award-winning investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth where Holmseth entered the audio as evidence that Florida Attorney Kim L. Picazio was meddling with his family and children because of evidence he (Holmseth) discovered after interviewing Kim Picazio and her staff.

Judge Yon GRANTED Timothy Holmseth’s motion and stated in a court order that Timothy Holmseth submitted a significant amount of evidence regarding his investigations.

In 2018, Timothy Holmseth was charged in criminal court for publishing audios he obtained regarding an international baby sales operation he uncovered connected to JEFFREY EPSTEIN. Judge Yon pre


Don: There’s some interesting things you’ve been popping out lately.
Tim: Which ones?

Don: Just when I start to think there seems to be a variation on the theme something

new pops up.
Tim: Yeah

Don: I didn’t know if you had gotten anything new, if you were going after, or somebody was going after Kim for whatever reason because my ex is going apeshit lately, alleging me of all these things. It’s obviously written with the assistance of an attorney so no doubt it’s Kim. I was sitting around trying to think why would they be going after me. My mom and dad chimed in and said maybe there’s something you know that you don’t know that you know, and I’m like damn where have I heard that before?
Tim: Does it have anything to do with the photos of Haleigh’s vagina that you have?

Don: I don’t know. I don’t know that Kim knows I have that but I’m just through working in corporate America. I keep copies of everything that I’m asked to copy that way went it’s alleged I did something or didn’t do it, in more times than not, when it comes later hey we didn’t get those copies can you send it again, I have a copy that I just fire off so I don’t have to go through the whole food chain to get them again.

Tim: If I had been you, yeah that’s the smart thing to do is make copies for yourself.

Don: I had done all that, like all the repeats for Kim and Mike and everything I had done at the Haleigh Bug Center. I copied all that. [Volume too low to hear]

Tim: I gather they’re so scared of you.

Don: Right. So the comments that you made and my parents made about what do I know that I don’t know that I know.

Tim: I wonder if it has something to do with those photographs. What was the chain of possession on them? Who did you get them from of Haleigh?

Don: It was either Kim or Marie.

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