Why does Kim Picazio pose as a pro bono lawyer for cases involving highly suspicious crimes involving children?

TRANSCRIPT of Officer interviewing Jeremiah Regan

Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
SOTN Exclusive

LINK: Telephone conversation between officer Patrick Sloan and Jeremiah Regan

First published at 03:14 UTC on April 16th, 2019:


(PS = Patrick Sloan; JR = Jeremiah Regan)

01:20 mins Officer PATRICK SLOAN with Inver Grove Heights Police Dept
: I got this case. Kim Picazio, Fort Lauderdale, Florida filed a complaint with me regarding some recordings apparently on the internet. One of them was with you and her, and I listened to these recordings and it sounds like the one with you and her, you had recorded in your vehicle. Do you know anything about these?

 01:50 mins JEREMIAH [JR] Yeah, I heard about those. Do you know the background of the whole story, the case and everything?
PS: I just want to get to the bottom of this.

JR: So here’s what happened. My father was bringing my mother something to drink at the store she worked at [it was like Belks or JC Penny] I guess it had to be 7, 8, 9, 10, I don’t know how many years ago now. This girl was in there crying with her friend. She was like shopping for some clothes or something. She was in town looking for her missing daughter, and she didn’t have any with her and the girl was Crystal Sheffield. My dad was a minister and a chaplain for the police department for a long time, and he’s talking to her and offering her help, saying whatever I can do to help. Somehow Kim Picazio came into the picture as a pro bono lawyer to help represent the girl and do whatever she could do to help financially. A bunch of us all got together, private investigators, a ton of volunteers and we all came to help.

There was some blogger on line that started making crazy accusations about police departments hiding the girl, the governor being involved, and started putting stuff on line about me, and I was working for El Chapo and Hillary Clinton. His website is just complete nonsense.

But it’s so in depth. He’s been writing such nonsense for years and you look at it and holy shit. His stories are ludicrous. He’s been harassing me for years. He put pictures of my brother on line that he found on my Facebook. My brother was a minor at the time.

PS: Jeremiah, who is this person?

JR: This is Timothy Holmseth. He’s been like a pain in my butt for 10 years. But I mean he was calling my father a pedophile, he said like crazy accusations about human trafficking. This is something that got passed along on line. Like people on Facebook in my town where I was living, when I was bar tending at this bar they saw it on line and passed it around and it was really, really embarrassing for me to have to explain stuff.

04:23 mins
JEREMIAH: Somebody recorded us. There was a guy [Cobra] we worked with. He was a bail bondsman and a private investigator and like I rolled with him a lot. He was putting effen microphones all over everything. His car, the hotel rooms, like all these recordings, when stuff was happening with just me, Kim and like 2 or 3 other team mates. A lot of them were just normal people like me.

So, obviously the only one recording us was this dumbnuts, and then he had some whole conspiracy thing afterwards where he got involved with Timothy, and was feeding him stories, and telling him all kinds of false information and getting his head all swollen up. Cobra was on a TV show.

Why Is Celebrity Florida Attorney Kim Picazio Filing False Police Reports With The Inver Grove Heights Police Department Against Conspiracy Theorist Sarah Westall? It’s To Cover Up Picazio’s Affair With Jeremiah Regan, Isn’t It? Picazio Has Been Conspiring With The Corrupt East Grand Forks Police To Harass & Maliciously Prosecute Westall’s Conspiracy Theorist Buddy Timothy Charles Holmseth For Years, Hasn’t She? Picazio Maliciously SLAPPed Holmseth, Didn’t She? (Note: Dede Evavold Is A Consumer Of Holmseth’s Conspiracy Theories, Isn’t She?)

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