Is The Jewish Leader Of ISIS Really Dead?

by Patrick J. McShay

President Trump continues to take bows for the killing of so-called ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, someone the mainstream media has reported as dead or dying a number of times in the last 5 years.

The Russian Defense Ministry has called into question President Trump’s claim that US Special Forces killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, because they claim to have killed him in June of 2017.

According to Ludovica Iaccino from The International Business Times:

In May 2019 Russia announced an investigation into whether one of their airstrikes that hit what was believed to be a meeting of ISIS Leaders including Baghdadi in the Raqqa area. According to the Russian media Baghdadi was believed to be killed in the strike.

Syrian State TV reported that on June 11th 2017 al Baghdadi was killed after a heavy Russian artillery barrage in Raqqa. The Western-backed monitor the “Syrian Observatory Human Rights” also reported al Baghdadi’s death.

*In October 2016, Baghdadi and 3 other ISIS leaders were rumored to have been poisoned.

*In October 2015, Baghdadi was said to have been seriously injured in strikes from Iraqi forces.

*In April 2015, Baghdadi was reported to have been seriously wounded in a coalition airstrike and was said initially that he wouldn’t survive.

What evidence is there to prove he is dead? Sounds like the phony bin Laden mission!

Another problem with this story is the mainstream media in the US hid the fact that the leader of ISIS was an Iraqi born Jew named Simon Elliot who was trained by the Israeli Mossad. It seems clear that Baghdadi was working for Syrian regime change for Israel/US to further Oded Yinon’s “Greater Israel Project”.

ISIS was a Western creation, and Obama and Netanyahu were both on board for regime change in Syria, but the plunder and murder that ensued are also on them as well.

It would explain why ISIS has never attacked Israel and would also explain why ISIS fighters are being treated in Israeli hospitals which has never been explained to any satisfaction.

The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz admitted that Israel supports 12 different Muslim extremist groups in Syria. Why don’t you hear that on Fox News?

There is one other problem with the narrative of the killing of Baghdadi according to the Russians. Sputnik News reported the Russian Ministry of Defense is unaware of the operation and does not have any reliable information to support the claim.

Russian General Igor Konavshenkov said yesterday, “There were no airstrikes by US aircraft or coalition aircraft”.  The entire area is covered by Russian radar.

The media in this country is getting worse every year. “Reporters Without Borders” puts out an annual list of the countries with the most press freedom. Most Americans would be shocked to learn that last year the US dropped again to 48th.

New undercover footage from James Okeefe at Project Veritas shows that CNN is not even a legitimate news agency; rather, they are Marxist Jewish political activists with a national voice who admit, from President Jeff Zukor down, that they hate Trump and are only interested in covering impeachment 24/7.

The undercover hidden camera’s show the obsessed Zukor and his producers conspiring to topple Trump like they are Obama’s dirty tricks guys under ex-con Bob Creamer during the 2016 election.

Project Veritas also did an undercover investigation in 2016 during the election and in the process met Bob Creamer.

Creamer was recruiting, training, and paying operatives to disrupt Trump rallies by starting fights, stealing signs, and verbally intimidating Trump supporters. This behavior has continued throughout Trump’s presidency. Are the Democrats paying them?

I wrote last year in “Can We Trust Trump To Save America? He May Be Our Last Hope”:

“Bob Creamer, a longtime a Democrat operative and friend of Barack Obama was released from prison after serving time for stealing $2.3 million dollars and upon his release in 2015 went right to work for the Democrat party. In the year prior to the election ex-con Creamer visited the White House over 200 times and met privately with Obama 45 times.”

After the Project Veritas video surfaced, Creamer was quietly fired.  CNN and NBC completely ignored the story, and no one asked Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama a single question about Bob Creamer. And that, if are shaking your head, is how the media treats liberals.

CNN portrays Trump supporters as violent, homophobic racists and are doing all they can to create division among the races, religions, and sexes. They also continue to make excuses for the violent factions of their party like “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter”.

The violence is blamed on Trump, but very clearly and openly it is leftist groups like Antifa and their ilk who hide behind masks and have attacked innocent people from Charlottesville 2 years ago to Dallas last week.

These groups are doing the bidding of evil oligarchs like George Soros and serve the same evil bankers who controlled Hitlers Brown Shirts and the Lenin’s Bolsheviks over a hundred years ago.

This reminds me of what was going on in Russia before the revolution in 1917. The revolution, a Jewish led coup financed by New York banker and Rothschild family emissary Jacob Schiff, began not long after the murder of the Czar’s friend and confidante Rasputin, as well as the murder and imprisonment of his ministers and inner circle, then after 7 months of captivity the assassination of Czar Nicholas and his family.

There was no popular uprising in Russia; the people had nothing to say about it. The Jewish Bankers used the food shortages and deteriorating factory conditions during World War One to sow discontent and financed the thugs to do the dirty work. Vladimir Lenin waited for word from his base in Switzerland, while Lev Trotsky cooled his heels in the Bronx, New York.

Lenin and his Bolsheviks, then later under Stalin, would preside over the infamous “Red Scare” and the Gulag system, grimly depicted in Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”, as well as the murder of 60 million Christian citizens.

Do you think the Russian people thought that political infighting in Moscow could end so badly for their country?

The rhetoric on the Left is getting increasingly hostile as are these masked paid agitators who show up to Trump rallies and attack peaceful Trump supporters, and the local police as we saw happen recently in Dallas.  More people than ever see a civil war as not only a possibility but a likely scenario.

Maxine Waters recently said that impeachment is not enough for her; she said she wants Trump imprisoned in solitary confinement but has yet to articulate what crime he has committed.

The Bankers today are the same bankers that financed the Bolsheviks in 1917, crashed the American economy in 1929; and they are the same bankers that financed Hitler in World War 2.

They are the same bankers today that want continuous war, a new “Green Tax”, and free reign over the international drug trade and the pedophile networks. The same bankers that put Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in business compromising politicians and blackmailing them to keep it all running smoothly.

Today US media ownership is dominated by Jewish Billionaires. Jewish billionaires are the most influential figures in American politics today with Donald Trump’s largest donors in 2016 being Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer.

George Soros was a big Hillary donor and funds around 200 mostly anti-American NGO’s. His advocacy group, the Open Society Policy Center, has spent $72 million in lobbying just since Trump was elected.

Soros has also been financing campaigns of liberal prosecutors across the country. One of his successes is Kim Fox, the prosecutor who dropped all of the charges against Jussie Smollett.

Trump pal Peter Thiel, is the founder of PayPal, who is dumping customers that are conservative or whose work strays from the official narrative.

Mark Zuckerberg uses the Jewish hate group Anti-Defamation League at Facebook to censor content and then lies about it in front of Congress. Amazon books still uses them to decide what books us dumb goys still get to read.

A former Google engineer says Jewish-owned Google is brainwashing people and influencing who they will vote for without them knowing. Google fired Kevin Cernekee, a conservative who says most Google employees hate Trump and are working to defeat him.

Just about every Jewish politician on the national scene is for open borders, abortion on demand, and gun confiscation. These aren’t agenda’s most Americans are interested in. Why do they hate this president so much?

Three of the biggest pro-impeachment politicians are Jews—Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer. Why is that?

Jews make up less than 2% of the US population and control 98% of the media. They control 98% of the tech companies that continue to block, ban and censor Christian and Conservative content.

Amazon is banning history books because the Jewish Anti-Defamation League doesn’t like the history. Is that what we want in this country? Are these to be the arbiters of what is acceptable for Americans to view?

Why are Christians not raising hell about Jewish tech companies banning Christian content?

Where do we go from here? George Orwell said “They will not look up from their screens long enough to know what’s happening.” He may be right!

The tech companies will continue to censor our choices, limit our options, and shorten our vocabulary until Trump does something.  If he doesn’t, I don’t see anyone on the horizon who will.

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