The State Of The Union And The Dismal State Of The Democrat Party

by Patrick J. McShay

In the first 30 minutes of Trump’s State of the Union address, the Democrats sat on their hands as I did in the 5th grade when an angry Sister Mary Catherine would charge to my desk with a ruler in her hand for one reason or another.

Only a heavy hand and the determination of a frustrated middle-aged nun could free my hands, but 30 minutes into Trump’s speech he grabbed the irascible Dem’s attention with achievements on crime and women’s issues and all of a sudden their hands were free.

They were applauding! Chuck Schumer actually applauded once or twice, although Trump tricked him into it by bringing out a cute kid who beat brain cancer, and a black woman recently released from prison after a long and unjust sentence.

Anyone who didn’t applaud would have looked like a complete idiot! Not that that would have been unfamiliar territory for Mr. Schumer. And there was lamebrain, lying Congressman Adam Schiff smiling and applauding. They’ll no doubt rue the day that those images go viral.

Freshman Congresswoman Alexander Ocasio-Bonehead oddly kept looking to the two female Congresswomen sitting next to her for approval to applaud. The poor thing sat for most of the speech scowling as though someone took her only copy of the Communist Manifesto.

Will they be telling her how to vote in Congress as well? If George Bush “The Dumber” taught us anything, it’s that in America you can’t be too dumb to serve, so you go girl!

I never did see Senator Kamala “Sugar Baby” Harris applaud, but they did get a few good shots of her rolling her eyes, probably thinking, “what would Willie do?” Harris had an infamous naughty and very public extramarital affair with the longtime married former speaker of the California Assembly and mayor of San Fransisco, Willie Brown when she was 29 and he was 60. Hmmm, did she call him daddy or grampa?

Didn’t Harris jump on her moralizing soapbox to whine about Trump’s past indiscretions? Yes! Yes, she did. The media has had a field day bashing Trump over sex with porn stars and playmates from a dozen years ago and have spent two years pounding the Stormy Daniels nonsense non-stop, why is this news of Harris’s indiscretion being covered up?

Stormy has sex for money, is that any different than what Kamala Harris has done? This story is being ignored by the majority of the mainstream media. This hypocrite wants to be president and the American public deserves more information about this illicit affair. maybe Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and Corey Booker could start an investigation. Paging Mr. Swalwell…

Since Harris threw her hat in the ring to make a run at the presidency, Brown has given several interviews and is saying things I’m sure Ms. Harris would like to leave in the past. For instance, Brown admits that he appointed Harris to the State Unemployment Appeals Board that paid her over $97,000 per year. What a great boyfriend!

He then appointed her to the California Medical Assistance Commission that paid her $72,000 a year to attend one meeting a month. He went on to say that he raised funds for her campaigns and interfered on her behalf by talking former Las Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, her perceived rival, out of running against her in her Senate race.

In Mayor Brown’s defense, he had to appoint someone after all. Why not appoint the woman you’re having sex with? Or one of them.

Is Kamala Harris any different than Porn star Stormy Daniels? Haven’t they both slept their way to the top of their respective fields? I’ll bet she was a real eager beaver around the mayors’ office.

When Kate Steinle was shot and killed on a San Fransisco pier by an illegal immigrant, Attorney General Harris defended the City’s sanctuary city status.

Harris is as qualified to be president as the dopey barmaid from Queens, Miss Ocasio-Cortez is to be in Congress! I doubt we’ve heard the last from Mr. Brown, who curiously opined that if Harris wins “he will have to leave the country.”

Brown famously admitted after the 9/11 attacks that a friend of his in D.C. had warned him not to fly on September 11, 2001. Hmmm, whoever warned him clearly had prior knowledge. Has anyone asked Mr. Brown which of his friends had such prior knowledge?

Chuck Schumer sat there looking like a fiendish gargoyle, mumbling and scowling with an evil grin on his smug face. He mostly just rolled his eyes and made stupid faces while much of the crowd was cheering.

The completely incompetent open border advocate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who is calling for an end of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), had the same smirk and eye roll as the rest of these traitors. They probably practiced together. In a recent interview, the 52-year-old Gillibrand referred to herself as a young mother. She wants to be president but is clearly delusional.

I don’t remember seeing Corey Booker much but no matter, for if you’ve seen one globalist shill roll their eyes at the Commander-in-Chief, you don’t need to see another.

It looked like Nancy Pelosi almost choked on her Dentyne of dentures when Trump called out the rich politicians with walls around their houses that refuse to support a much-needed wall at our southern border.

Speaker Pelosi, in a recent press conference in a room full of reporters, looked like a confused old woman, possibly suffering from dementia, stuttering, stammering, and suffering from face spasms. This is the most powerful woman in America and 2nd in line for the presidency behind Trump? What a scary prospect!

When Trump called for an end to drug cartels and sex trafficking, Kamala Harris shook her head and rolled her eyes because these people would rather see Trump fail than give him credit when it is due, the country be damned.

None of these boorish, smirking Democrats have a plan for the country. They are pro-war, pro-immigration pro-abortion, pro open borders, anti-gun, anti-Christian and anti-American. In a CBS poll after Trump’s speech, 75% of the respondents approved of the speech. Over at CNN where coverage of Trump is around 95% negative, their poll showed 76% of respondents were very positive or somewhat positive about the speech.

Most polls only show Trump’s favorability this week between 42% to 48%. The question is what would an honest poll have Trump’s popularity at? Remember when the polls had Hillary winning big over Trump? Don’t trust the polls—EVER!

The Lib’s main talking point has been that only Trump’s shrinking base still supports him. These “post-speech” polls show that the liberal’s talk of Trump’s demise was nothing but wishful thinking and the President will likely win in 2020 unless he allows foreign entanglements to derail his agenda.

Trump needs to build the wall, fire John Bolton, send Kushner packing, release the classified documents, pardon Julian Assange, get the hell out of Syria and Afghanistan and stay the hell out of Venezuela!

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