American Justice And Foreign Policy Are In Chaos

by Patrick J. McShay

“They’re doing to Roger Stone what they did to General Flynn. Nonsense process crimes because Trump won. This is all about impeaching Trump and they’ll twist arms until they get it”.

— John Cardillo, “America Talks Live” Host on Newsmax

“When will the FBI surround the homes and arrest Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and James Clapper, People we know have lied to the FBI? Will the same standard apply?”

— Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary

Trump longtime friend, campaign manager, and self-described political dirty trickster, Roger Stone, was SWAT teamed and arrested at his Ft. Lauderdale, Florida home Friday morning shortly after 6 am. In a press conference after his court appearance that morning, after being charged in a 7-count indictment with lying to the FBI and obstruction, Stone said federal agents descended on his home in full SWAT gear with guns drawn.

“At the crack of dawn 29 FBI agents in 17 vehicles arrived at my home”, Stone said. “They could have simply contacted my attorneys and I would have been more than willing to give myself up voluntarily.” Stone said CNN must have been tipped off as they were the only media there.

This case is all based on unproven allegations of Russia hacking into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and passing them on to Julian Assange.  Assange has steadfastly denied this and in numerous interviews has said he received the e-mail on a thumb drive, not through a hack.

Seth Rich was the IT guy for the DNC and was a Bernie Sanders supporter who was angry about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s sabotage of the Sanders campaign.

Tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has said he helped Rich download the documents and e-mails and used Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, to deliver the information to Julian Assange. Seth Rich was murdered shortly after the Democrat Convention in 2016. Robert Mueller has never interviewed Kim Dotcom or Craig Murray. Why?

Shortly before Rich was murdered, an e-mail from John Podesta said they had a leaker that they needed to make an example of. Has John Podesta been questioned in the Rich Case?

William Binney, former Cryptanalyst Mathematician and Russian expert who set up the surveillance/data collection system and turned whistleblower, when he found that the FBI under Robert Mueller was using illegally collected data to spy on American citizens, including politicians, federal judges and even Supreme Court justices.

Binney has said there was no Russian hack and maintains that Robert Mueller should be in prison for the surveillance abuse he employed to entrap citizens without warrants.

*Why does anyone believe this Russian hacking nonsense when it came from an intelligence community that we now know was run by three of the biggest liars in Barack Obama’s criminal cabal—James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper, all of whom have lied to Congress!

Former US Attorney, Joe DiGenova, who wisely urged Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and has called Barack Obama a Russian agent, called the arrest and show of force for a process crime by an individual with no criminal history, an embarrassment to the US Attorney’s office and called Robert Mueller a thug. He said those types of arrests are typically reserved for known violent criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists.

DiGenova went on to say that this was vindictive and unnecessary and that, Rosenstein, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and acting Attorney General Whitaker shamefully allowed this to happen. Trump has been President for 2 years and has not only not had an FBI or Department of Justice that he can trust, but these departments are openly working against him.

If Trump’s pick for Attorney General, William Barr, doesn’t get in there and clean house at the DOJ and the FBI, this President and his agenda will be sunk!

Now that Trump has caved on the wall, what now? Three weeks to get what done? Will Trump, desperate to please his base with funding for a small portion of the promised wall, offer more amnesty for DACA individuals or other illegals?

The Presidents son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was rejected for a top security clearance by two career security specialists and later overruled by a supervisor, was who Trump put in charge of negotiating the immigration deal.

McClatchy News reported a few days ago that Kushner is trying to revive a proposal that has already been rejected by Trump to offer amnesty to over 800,000 illegal immigrants. Jared Kushner is as qualified to negotiate this deal as Alexandria Ocasio-Bonehead is to serve in the U.S. Congress on the Financial Services Committee.

Kushner was Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s biggest supporter before and after the murder of Saudi Intelligence asset Jamal Khashoggi. Sales of billions of dollars of weapons to the Saudi head choppers since Trump took office makes the US complicit in the ongoing slaughter in Yemen.

Kushner’s handling of the Israeli/Palestine has been all one-sided in Israel’s favor, with illegal settlements continuing to be built while treatment of the Palestinians has never been worse.

Now Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are making noise about regime change in Venezuela. With a humanitarian effort no doubt in mind, I’m sure the fact that Venezuela sits on top of more oil than exists in Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with it.

Neocon John Bolton is conniving with Bibi and stirring things up in the Middle East, with apparently no oversight from Trump. While Trump and Pompeo are cooking things up in Venezuela? This is not what Trump’s base voted for. Trump needs new advisers. There has been way too much Bolton, Pompeo, Netanyahu, and Adelson. Not an American firster in the bunch.

The truth is the US has been working to destabilize Venezuela for nearly 20 years and Pompeo has recently hired Neo-Con Elliot Abrams from the Bush Administration, who was instrumental in the plan for regime change in Iraq. Perhaps Mr. Abrams can explain our position to Mr. Putin and the Russians who are allied with Maduro and have a large gold mining operation there.

In a speech at the UNSC Pompeo called on countries to pick a side in Venezuela, urging them to back opposition leader Juan Guaido. Russia and China blocked the US attempt to push the UN to back Guaido, and Russia accused the US of orchestrating a coup. Where’s Victoria Nuland when you need her?

Venezuela’s senior military attache in D.C. just announced he is turning on Maduro. I wonder how many millions of taxpayers dollars were paid for that betrayal? The US CIA and military are sowing seeds of civil war in Venezuela just like in they did in Syria and Ukraine.

Trump promised on the campaign trail that there would be no nation building or regime change in the oil-soaked Middle East while he is President. He made no similar promise about oil-soaked Venezuela. I wonder if that will please his base?

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