These are the warning signs of advocacy group infiltrators and controlled opposition operatives.

20 People and things in the “movement” that make me go hmmm…

1) People who pop up out of nowhere into the limelight, and who already have a following despite the fact that I’ve never heard of them in the decades I’ve been actively following the progress of the movement. Especially if they are styled as “leaders” of the movement in mainstream media.

2) Super attractive, sexy, glamorous expensively dressed/groomed people who wear a lot of makeup and have obviously expensive dental work, plastic surgery, etc, and tend to post glamor shots, but are supposedly really just humble parents concerned about vaccines.

3) Attention whores who aggressively take over existing health freedom organizations, drowning out all other voices, capturing the organization’s agenda, and excluding people who want to get more involved with the movement rather than including them.

4) Dramatic, stagey behavior and speech, more expected in a group of thespians than a group of average concerned parents. The more flair and forethought to their words and actions, the more suspicious it is.

5) Anyone with a flashy professional website, social media program, and advertising, especially when it all pops up overnight, seemingly out of nowhere.

6) Anyone who supposedly is a simple parent in a local health freedom organization, yet somehow has the resources for extensive interstate travel, especially if they leave important work undone in their own state when they hit the road to “help” people in other states with THEIR challenges. Also, anyone who would encourage ordinary parent activists to spread themselves so thin.

7) Anybody who writes and sells a book, makes and sells a movie, has a regular show on TV, radio or internet, and/or sells t-shirts, hats, or any other marketing paraphernalia, especially when it’s marketed to parent activists and parents of vaccine injured kids who can ill afford the time, energy or money required.

8 ) Anybody who engages in cyber begging of any kind, and for any reason (GoFundMe, PayPal, etc), again especially when directed toward parent activists and parents of vaccine-injured kids who can ill afford it.

9) Anyone who forms a nonprofit and puts up a paywall on a website, or runs donated funds through another organization that does, especially when the use to which these funds are directed is anything but transparent.

10) Anyone who sets up local awareness and networking meetings or events that they conveniently cancel at the last minute.

11) Anyone who gets cosy with the enemy, especially when it’s lucrative for them to do so.

12) Anybody who seems mysteriously immune to the unremitting onslaught of negativity, harassment, and interference in their personal lives that true activists always experience.

13) Anybody who is “raising awareness” but their efforts only seem to be directed to people who are already aware.

14) Anyone who puts up billboards in the middle of nowhere that will be seen by very few people before they are vandalized or quickly removed.

15) Anybody with an unsavory past, connections or reputation whose involvement with the movement casts suspicion on us all, as well as anything we say or do.

16) Anyone who promotes vaccines in any way, regardless of their reasons. It’s counterproductive and divisive.

17) Any person or organization that achieves the opposite of the desired result. Instead of preventing laws that remove your freedoms, they’re in the driver’s seat while you’re losing them left and right.

18) People who only want followers and admirers, not workers, and certainly not thinkers or planners, to get involved.

19) Any person or organization that deflates the movement. Instead of building energy and momentum, they take steps that dissipate it.

20) Anything that seems too good to be true, because it always is.

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