Was Trump set up by members of his National Security Council?

“Six Ways From Sunday!”

Mount Vernon, WA
September 30, 2019

by Rich Scheck

When Senator Chuck Schumer warned President Trump about taking on the CIA and the intelligence community this is what he was talking about:

His “six ways from Sunday” comment was not idle speculation:

The CIA long ago abandoned its original role of gathering intelligence
and reporting it to the president. That was what President Truman had
in mind back in 1947 when he signed the legislation creating it.

After the Kennedy assassination in 1963, Truman publicly expressed his
regret for that decision when it became clear to many that the CIA’s
activist role in world affairs went far beyond its mandate while impacting
dramatically on world affairs, often without presidential authorization.

Is that what is happening with Ukraine/BidenGate? Has the intel community continued its assault on the Trump presidency by extending the Russiagate hoax with a “back-stabbing” spy inside the White House as Geraldo Rivera suggested? It sure looks like it to me!

One plausible scenario has John Bolton and Mike Pompeo orchestrating the
current plot to take out Trump: A Total White House Insider Job to Take Down The Donald.

With the recent revelations as a result of the Whistleblower Complaint the question is: What is likely going on or went on before the complaint? All the informants, or leakers to the Whistleblower, were senior or top White House officials,  the majority of whom were from the National Security Council (NSC) headed at the time by John Bolton.  Bolton is one of many top Trump officials over the past 2.5 years who saw the Donald as the number one threat to the National Security of the United States. Therefore, false patriots, the best Bolton et al. could do to protect the U.S. is to remove The Donald from the office before the 2020 elections, or at the minimum ruin Donald’s chances of getting re-elected.

George Webb claims that Nancy Pelosi’s IT aide, the mysterious Imran Awan, was involved along with Joe Biden’s office in configuring the Blackberries used by the Ukrainian spy network, CrowdStrike, to spy on Trump with the help of Hillary and the DNC.
How Anthony Weiner’s 650,000 emails are directly connected to CrowdStrike and BIDENgate (Video)

The Neocon/Neoliberal bipartisan clique that is intent on creating a Pax Americana-driven New World Order will never take no for an answer in its quest for total global domination.

Trump campaigned on the theme of ‘”draining the swamp” and no more foreign interventions. Obviously he has not succeeded in the former regard and has done little to prevent the continuation of our failed policies of constraining the Globalists.

Rewarding the Saudi princes with a large weapons deal after a “Sword Dance” ceremony two years ago did little to convince skeptics that his real agenda was different from Bush, Obama or the Clintons, especially after Congress passed the JASTA Bill over Obama’s veto: https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-congress-passes-saudi-911-bill/news-story/d2b496084c61d837e6ac142a7cc3050b.

With the Trump/Schiff stand-off getting more personal, and the constitutional crisis surrounding impeachment accelerating rapidly, the dangers of Imperial Overreach embedded in all aspects of this latest scandal will become more obvious to a weary and battered public.

Their impotence in the presence of these wasteful exchanges will provide a strong incentive for them to take back their power. Whether this manifests in the form of support for an outsider like Tulsi Gabbard, the formation of a new party, resignation to Huxwellian tyranny, or civil war
remains to be seen.

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