The Power of 9/11 Truth

Lynden, WA
September 11, 2019

by Rich Scheck

Nearly two decades after the attacks on NYC and DC, politicians of all stripes remain unwilling to embrace the Power of 9/11 Truth!

President Trump tapped into it briefly in 2016 by promising he would expose “who did 9/11!” That helped him win the White House but since then, he has gone silent while handsomely rewarding the main suspects.

The 9/11 Truth Movement’s lack of a champion keeps it weak and peripheral to the key debate relating to our foreign policy of endless interventionist wars.

As both SOTN and VT indicate with their excellent articles, the potential impact of 9/11 Truth is enormous:

Despite the impressive research by them and many others, the absence of a 9/11 Truth candidate in the 2020 presidential election is best explained by fear of challenging those responsible who gladly seek to scapegoat others for these false flag attacks.

None of the Democrats are embracing this opportunity with Tulsi Gabbard sadly echoing the official narrative as I wrote about yesterday:

Geoff Berman was keen on going after Jeff Epstein in a case that seemed cold while he continues to sit on the demand for impaneling a 9/11 Grand Jury. This parallels what we saw when Robert Mueller was head of the FBI and helped prevent a thorough investigation.

As things now stand, 14 months prior to the election, no one has shown the courage to lead the charge and make this an issue. Instead we have endless distractions like the Epstein scandal, (manufactured?) hurricanes, new shootings and the demands of environmentalists determined to shut down DC in 10 days.

The Mueller RussiaGate investigation was a highly sophisticated intelligence operation designed to perpetuate the power of the VERY Deep State and keep scandals like 9/11 in the background. On this 18th anniversary of the tragedy, there is little in the MSM or at public events that reflects anything other than the debunked 9/11 Commission Report.

The power of 9/11 Truth remains untapped with the perpetrators retaining their divisive tactics and the public failing to take control of their future. I believe that can only be done with an agenda reflecting the sentiments of the majority for an end to our endless wars.

Those wars are the direct consequence of the 9/11 attacks which provided their pretext, led to the erosion of our civil liberties and the creation of a Huxwellian dystopia that is poised to impose a Hunger Games reality on posterity.

The Power of 9/11 Truth has the potential to prevent that scenario from unfolding. The likelihood of that happening will remain slim unless a unified approach led by an articulate figure emerges to lead the way.

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