Bye Bye Bolton!

Bellingham, WA
September 9, 2019

by Rich Scheck

In his own strange way, Roller Coaster President Donald Trump is (kinda) taking care of business.

Firing Bolton is fabulous news! He should never have hired the Neocon bastard in the first place but at least he is now acknowledging that his National Security Adviser was a major impediment to The Donald’s awkward peace efforts.

Trump may leave a lot to be desired but Bolton was an albatross around his neck that undermined any perception of him being serious about reducing our imperial footprint.

Those familiar with my writing know I am not happy with either party and would much prefer to see a new one emerge out of the wreckage of our former Republic.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are filled with the same unwarranted cockiness they have shown for 4 years since Trump first emerged as a serious candidate for the White House.

With their ultra-Left “progressive” agenda and Green New Deal hysteria to deal with dubious notions of man-made global warming, they have forgotten to stay in touch with the American people who don’t seem to like them very much:

By embracing the RussiaGate hoax and supporting the tainted efforts of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to rid them of their nemesis, they forgot to notice the lack of evidence implicating Trump and the egregious abuse of prosecutorial power by Mueller and his team of Clinton hacks.

Now comes Congressman Nadler gloating of his plans to impeach Trump. Good luck with that Jerry!

Rebel Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has the good sense to oppose that effort but meanwhile has forgotten to keep her campaign focused on War and Peace as promised.

I was once eager to see her run having encouraged her to do so 4 years ago.

Now I’m not so sure. She has allowed the DNC to isolate her in a totally predictable manner and shows no sign of abandoning the party that has betrayed her the same way they did to Sanders in 2016.

Moreover, Gabbard keeps referring to those nasty terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 as if the official narrative is worthy of the same blind loyalty she showed by serving twice in Iraq.

The conclusions of the 9/11 Commission are under renewed scrutiny by NYC firefighters who are joining the 9/11 Truth Movement advocates for a Grand Jury to begin a new investigation.

My perfectionist sensibilities may be too demanding for most but I want to live with the truth however bleak and unfavorable to America it may be. Gabbard seems unwilling to go there and Trump’s failed promise to tell us “who did 9/11” means our choices for 2020 remain undesirable for this Doom and Gloom pilgrim.

I still think a third party may be just over the horizon. With the prospect of environmentalists “shutting down DC” in 10 days and so much other troubling news, maybe the electorate’s on-going disgust with both parties and our
unending wars will see my decades long dream come true.

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