New World Order Countdown October 31 through December 10, 2019

Countdown in plain sight

by Doreen Agostino

It is suggested that Oct 31, 2019 marks the start of a process scheduled to complete by Dec 10, 2019. In other words, globalists may attempt to finalize world domination and usher in the anti-christ, after which life could get very ugly.

The internet highway is paved with disinformation. Sanitized search engines, censorship, digital police [algorithms] make it hard to discern fact from fiction.

I highlighted key elements to warn of possible danger ahead.

The Real End Game Signposts

I Pet Goat II animation revelations [shown in video 1]
Economist magazine cover revelations [shown in video 1]
False flag attack on Mecca predicted to trigger WW III
Trump’s deal of the century [false peace?]
Angelina Jolie [Flash point]
Israeli elections
Thessalonians 5 verse 3 ‘For when they shall say peace and safety…’
Nov 11.19 planetary line up

Video 1 excerpts.

31:49 mins
Keep in mind three important aspects with regards to Angelina Jolie
1] she is currently the UN’s peace or goodwill ambassador
2] she is in a position to deal with governments and military but is sitting quietly for now 3] she has a tattoo of a Bengal tiger on her back [I Pet Goat II animation significance]

42:28 mins
If war is about to break out between two conflicting parties and Angelina Jolie becomes a mediator between these parties then know the time of our departure and time at which the dead will be resurrected are possibly hours away.

42:50 mins
It looks like a false flag attack on Mecca 
is planned to coincide with the announcement of Trump’s deal of the century or very shortly thereafter that could lead to great destruction on earth not only through nuclear weapons that will be used but the dead that will be raised back to life. [The dead or clones? Doreen]

Video 2 excerpts.

Three key elements converge at the end of October 2019.

[1] 01:16 mins
French president Emmanuel Macron stated emphatically that Brexit or Britain’s planned departure from the European Union with or without a deal will not be extended past October 31st 2019.

[2] 06:50 mins
Forming a new government in Israel will occur on midnight of October 30th 2019.

[3] 07:08 mins
Two aspects stand out regarding Brexit. Trump’s deal of the century as well as Israel’s elections have been postponed multiple times and Brexit’s current end date coincides with the expected deadline for Israel to form a new government, which has Trump’s deal of the century connected to it.

From Doreen
What if bible prophecy was written or re-written by ancestors of dark forces programmed to manufacture them today?
What if the resurrected are clones manufactured and programmed by dark forces to assist with finalizing their new world order?



The Dow is positioned for an imminent collapse. This was the secret meeting Donald Trump had with other world leaders at the G7 in France. There’s a reason why Americans are increasingly searching the stock market, Dow, S&P 500, great depression, economic collapse, stock market crash because that’s what globalists have planned.

00:49 mins
Warren Buffett the oracle of bailouts received trillions of dollars for his companies. He is holding record amounts of cash as part of his portfolio in Berkshire Hathaway. Over half of Warren Buffett’s holdings around $122 billion, is being held in liquid, non interest, negative interest rate bearing accounts at this very momentThere’s only one reason you would lose money with that much cash on hand.

Warren Buffett in my opinion is planning for bank bailouts. He’s planning for bank runs. He’s planning for economic shock unlike anything you or I have ever seen in world history.

5:59 mins
This time things are not going to recover as swiftly
 as they did in 2008 and 2009 because the Federal Reserve has fired its last bullet. Rates are already negative all over the world. So the only thing they can do is keep taking them negative into infinity. If negative rates are 2% negative now maybe they can cut them down to negative 10% or a negative 100% but eventually what you have is a currency collapse.

07:11 mins
Based on Warren Buffett’s own indicators, his market capitalization to GDP ratio by his own numbers this is what he writes in all of his books. Anytime that ratio gets out of whack it predicts crisis and so these numbers are pretty crazy. These are just the facts. This is just the math.

Bloomberg points out that the market capitalization to GDP ratio doesn’t paint a pretty picture at the moment. The barometer which measures the total value of the stock market as a percentage of GDP was reportedly telling before the last two economic downturns. For example it shot up 146% at the peak of the dot-com bubble in 2000. Prior to 2008 and 2009 it shot up to 137%.

Today, at this very moment in history, as I bring you this video and WARN of the mother of all imminent financial and economic collapses worldwide, of which the Dow will be slaughtered, and I’m expecting 50 plus % declines and over 10,000 plus points lost in the Dow in an instant. Not to mention bank runs, illiquidity and shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange, that figure, Warren Buffett’s figure sits at an all-time high of 154%.

Challenge from the Illuminati

David Goldberg [allegedly murdered June 09.19] seems to be a psyop in which the Illuminati reveal exactly what they plan, and challenge us to stop them. 

by Henry Makow PhD. 

On his YouTube channel, David Goldberg said the Cabalist’s rabbis who control the Trump White House plan to unleash mayhem on the world after their collaborators in the Democratic Party hand Trump the 2020 election [Nov 03.19]. Under the cover of war, financial meltdown, power outages, food shortages etc. they plan to round up opponents of their Cabalist world tyranny and execute them. They are currently using the Internet to identify these patriot-martyrs who he estimates may number over 15 million.

“All of this is scripted. Planned years in advance.” However, sometimes the Timeline is delayed. He gave the example of an attack on Iran, using a false flag as a pretext. This has been delayed many times because of its unpopularity. “Goldberg,” said in May it will go ahead in October. Read more at

From Doreen
An economic and financial collapse could bring mankind to its knees. So could engineered food shortages, long term power outages especially in cold climates as well as …

How False Flag Weather Terrorism
is Used to Advance UN Agendas

Grand Bahama Island has been made the site of an unparalleled terrorist crime scene. Every leader and citizen of every country now knows they can also become the victim of this type of weather warfare. Even landlocked nations can be targeted with deluges and droughts, floods and wildfires, tornadoes and microbursts, blizzards and hailstorms, mudslides and sinkholes.

Manufactured chaos weakens people so they plead for relief, which is consent for globalists to usher in their solutions like one world religion with the anti-christ at its head, one world militarized police, one world e-currency to track every transaction and one world communist dystopian governance.

Please share for people to do their own research, inner work, and prepare the best they can i.e. stock up on water, food, medication, cash, gasoline, pet, emergency and other supplies. Thank you.

This information is not intended to provide legal or lawful advice. It is for educational purposes only.

Doreen A Agostino


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