Tulsi Making The Same Mistake As Bernie Did In 2016!

Mount Vernon, WA
August 30, 2019

by Rich Scheck

Do people ever learn? Hasn’t it been totally clear for a very long time that the
Democratic Party is beyond corrupt?

Instead of bemoaning that the DNC is not transparent and preventing her from full
participation in the next round of debates, Tulsi Gabbard should abandon her ties
to them and forge forward towards a future away from the Left Wing of the War Party!

Take control, Major Gabbard! Show the world you are a true leader and not a wimp
beholden to others who are proven liars, manipulators and war-mongers who have
already pushed you into accepting part of their politically correct agenda.

It may take a while but begin the process now before we stumble into a new world
war which seems more inevitable every day without protest from either party!

You said your campaign was about War and Peace. Show us you meant that! While
away serving your country on military duty in Indonesia, the DNC has completed the
process of eliminating you from the debates.

Some of us predicted exactly what is happening months ago. It’s the same thing the
DNC did to Bernie Sanders in 2016!

Bernie had a chance to start the ball rolling for real change by accepting Jill Stein’s
invitation to lead the Green Party ticket. But he balked and supported Hillary despite
the disgusting way she and the DNC treated him and his millions of supporters.

Gabbard is poised to become complicit in the new war now raging in the Middle East
in light of Nasrallah”s promise to retaliate against Israel for their attacks on Lebanon,
Syria and Iraq.

I doubt anything can stop this from happening but she can at least show those who
see her as presidential her true colors.

Please leave the Democratic Party now, Congresswoman Gabbard. Start a new party
truly dedicated to what you profess motivated you to run in the first place. Every second
you spend attempting to internally reform the Democrats is a waste of time and undermines
your credibility.

Please do not make the same mistake as Bernie Sanders made in 2016. He was wrong
then and you will be wrong now to support the likes of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Corey
Booker and the rest.

It may be the only hope our country has for a sane future. Please act now!






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