Is Civil War In The US Imminent?

Rohnert Park, CA
June 26, 2018

by Rich Scheck

I’ve been predicting the high likelihood of some form of societal collapse for at least 20 years. Below are some headlines from today that clearly point in that direction.

I think things are already very ugly and about to get even worse. The Left with its “progressive” agenda of entitlements linked to Bernie’s Socialist vision refuses to accept Trump as president and will do virtually anything to get rid of him.

Maxine Waters is leading the charge from Congress with her legally dubious calls for confrontation.  Hollywood has chimed in with the likes of “Meathead” Rob Reiner who compared Trump to Hitler.

I see no reason to be optimistic that social unrest will not accelerate in the run-up to the mid-term elections.  If the Democrats take back Congress, they will immediately move to impeach Trump. If they fail to win at the polls, they will probably unleash the angry forces of unreason that manifest these days as ANTIFA and similar groups who show a lack of restraint and civility.

Right now they are relying on the Mueller investigation to weaken the president along with efforts by former CIA Director John Brennan and others to have Trump’s cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment to dislodge him from the Oval Office.

As of now, Trump keeps moving forward as if none of this phases him. But it may end up being death by a thousand cuts. His base is solid but his fight against the media and those willing to unleash the forces of chaos may see the demise of his ability to govern as the nation descends towards the abyss.

My efforts to build a third party to absorb these tensions and provide a home for millions of disaffected voters to promote a positive agenda have so far failed. Perhaps in the years ahead, something in the spirit of what I suggested will emerge out of the ashes of the coming breakdown.


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