‘Former President Bill Clinton Is A RAPIST’ — Says His Rape Victim From Arkansas — ‘And Hillary Covered It Up!’


When Bill Cosby Was Accused of Rape, His Career Was Ended; After Bill Clinton Was Accused of Rape, He Became Hillary’s Biggest POTUS Pitchman


Like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton has a long rap sheet of sexual predation, abuse and rape, but he can get away with it because his wife is Hillary Clinton of Emailgate fame!

Is there something VERY wrong with this picture, AMERICA?!

State of the Nation

Now that the oppo research from the Clinton Campaign has spilled the beans about Donald Trump’s manly language (aka “crude” to many), what is left but for the Trump Campaign to go ballistic on Hillary’s abuse of the many women who husband Bill raped, abused, stalked and sexually violated.

Lets’ face it — this is going to get VERY ugly indeed!  And there’s no stopping it now.

The Case of the 2 Bills

All it took was one bold statement from comedian Hannibal Buress during a gig in London to topple American giant Bill Cosby.  Cosby went from America’s favorite uncle to a psychopathic serial rapist in a day and a night … with over 60 accusers so far.[1]

Were the truth to be known about Bill Clinton, the rap sheet is probably just as long.  The reason why so many have not come forward is because of the Clinton body count.  No woman wants to end up dead for revealing a nonconsensual one night stand … or worse. In the case of the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, of course, the courage it took for her to come forward was positively Herculean.


Juanita Broaddrick Provides Never Before Published Details On Bill Clinton’s Rape

Ms. Broaddrick has carried this traumatic experience around with her for decades and all she has received from the Clinton tag team is the implied threats that are made very, very subtly.  Only a very skilled lawyer like Ms. Clinton can issue the type of innuendo that a sexually victimized woman will clearly understand.


Where was Hillary during all of this sexual predation?

The extremely important and tamped down back story to Bill Clinton’s sexual predation belongs to the self-proclaimed champion of woman’s rights—Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This carefully sculpted image of Ms. Clinton, as it turns out, is a complete fiction.  As a matter of fact, not only is she not a woman’s advocate in her own sphere of life, the opposite is true:  Ms. Clinton has gone out of her way to terrorize any woman who dares to accuse her husband of the sexual assaults that he actually committed.

Let’s be real: it is very easy for a woman — any woman — to falsely accuse a powerful political figure like Bill Clinton.  However, in light of the many sordid details which came out during the Monica Lewinsky impeachment trial, it’s very easy to believe that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator of the highest order.  And, that Bill will lie about his exploits until he is caught red-handed, both literally and figuratively.

Throughout this multi-decade sex crime spree, Ms. Clinton stood by and always rose to the occasion of taking care of the sexually abused women.  She took care of them all right! While Hillary cynically held the banner high for the much-needed protection of abused women, she was terrorizing them on behalf of Bill. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Hillary Clinton Has Enabled A Sexual Predator Husband For Decades



Chelsea Clinton now in the crosshairs

Talk about a family affair, even unfortunate daughter Chelsea is directly in the crosshairs of her father’s victims.  The more that Chelsea picks up the same righteous banner, the more she will have some serious explaining to do for her mom.  Chelsea appears to be the real deal who happens to be born to a couple of sociopaths.  Nevertheless, the extent to which she has involved herself with her parent’s political machine is the degree she will find herself in the line of fire.


There are numerous accusers over the years

What is important to keep in mind here is that there are two types of individuals over the years who have revealed personal sexual relationship information about Bill Clinton. There are those relationships that were consensual, yet extra-marital and adulterous at the same time.   And, there were those that were clearly nonconsensual, some of which were experienced as full-blown sexual assault by the victims.

The point is that, for a sitting president, or governor, or attorney general, to conduct himself in this way is completely outrageous and unacceptable … by any standard.  The Democratic Party clearly knows this, but has opted to give the Clintons a pass. Apparently the DNC doesn’t care about rape .. or sexual assault … or sexual predation that takes the form of stalking.

The public domain is now replete with instances of various women — from both categories — who have stepped forward with their tales of being assailed or being seduced by a Bill Clinton, a married politician.  In fact, there is now a body of evidence on the Internet that would have put a lesser man or woman behind bars for the rest of their life.


Let’s not forget about the Jeffrey Epstein Affair

Perhaps the most radioactive of all of Bill Clinton’s affairs concern his dubious relationship with Jeffrey Epstein’s kids club.  What distinguished this particular chapter from the rest of Bill’s illicit sexual episodes is that anything having to do with Epstein has to do with the sexual exploitation of children, which is also known as pedophilia.

This is where things can really become quite sticky for both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Like all of the Clinton scandals, this one, too, is long and complicated with LOTs of sordid details, most of which have not even made it to the alt-media.  The following two links offer unique and invaluable perspective on this extremely sensitive matter for the Clintons.

The Most Radioactive ‘SCANDAL Of The MILLENNIUM’

The Jeffrey Epstein Affair Imperils Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Prospects

Bill Clinton is now under assault—justifiably so

The signs and omens are everywhere.  With the takedown — again and again and again — of rapist Bill Cosby[2], the writing is now on the wall for Bill Clinton.  With the same first name, it does not bode well for Bill.  He and Hillary did not think through this whole POTUS idea.  No, they did not at all imagine the very likely and highly damaging scenarios.

IT’S SPREADING: “Bill Clinton a Rapist” Signs on Today Show – Heckler at Tim Kaine Rally! (VIDEO)

‘Bill Clinton Is a Rapist’ Protester Interrupts Rally in Ohio

Not only did they not properly consider so many downside risks, they have created an unprecedented series of constitutional crises.  The very prospect of a rapist living in the White House, who exerts considerable influence on the Oval Office, is quite problematic and dangerous even by Obama’s Banana Republic standards.

The bottom line here is that Bill is in big trouble.  His accusers have become emboldened like never before, and, like Cosby’s, they have found great unity in their strength of purpose.  And just like Cosby’s predicament, there are probably many more waiting to come out of the closet, which would really make the Clinton’s life miserable … especially if there are illegitimate children involved.

Does Bill Clinton have a son fathered with a prostitute?



Boy, do the Clintons have some serious problems—both personal and professional!

Let’s just hope they don’t become America’s problems, like they did during the last presidential impeachment process.

At the end of the day, any political power-player couple like the Clintons is always highly susceptible to being blackmailed or bribed, coerced or compelled into treasonous activity because of the Sword of Damocles that will hang over their heads every single day of a prospective presidential term in office.

State of the Nation
October 8, 2016


[1] “Bill Cosby charged with felony sexual assault”

[2] BILL COSBY Saga: A Shakespearean Tragedy of Epic Proportions


Trump Goes For Hillary’s Jugular: Releases Video Featuring Bill Clinton Rape Accusers



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