BILL COSBY Saga: A Shakespearean Tragedy of Epic Proportions

An Open Letter Regarding The BILL COSBY Story 

Dear BILL COSBY Defenders and Detractors,

We write this open letter out of great concern about the recent turn of events regarding Bill Cosby.

It is especially directed to the many steadfast and stalwart defenders of Bill Cosby and his alleged behavior toward forty-five plus women.  To both defenders and detractors we say that the Bill Cosby saga is truly a Shakespearean tragedy of epic proportions … with extremely grave consequences to real people as well as to society-at-large.

Many are saying throughout the global village that the Mainsteam Media (MSM), the many concerned women, and the multitude of Bill Cosby detractors have provided no proof of his alleged improper behavior.

Everyone knows that we live in radically different times from the 1970s and 80s.  The standard of proof that was once necessary to indict, convict, sentence a guilty party has profoundly changed.  Didn’t the assassination of John F. Kennedy by the CIA teach us that?  Just because the duplicitous Warren Commission said Lee Harvey Oswald did it, doesn’t mean he did.  Now we find out that Oswald was actually working for Robert F. Kennedy and acted with extraordinary heroism.  No courts, no juries, no verdicts.  Just lots of new evidence like this:

Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago

By way of example, there has been no court case that ever proved that the U.S. Federal Government was directly responsible for perpetrating the false flag attacks on September 11th, 2001 … AGAINST ITS OWN CITIZENRY.  Nevertheless, the public record is now replete with evidence and testimony that is so damning and irrefutable that the rest of the of the world knows the U.S. Government is guilty of those heinous crimes against humanity.  Was there a conviction?  No.  Will there ever be a court case to prove it? Probably not.  Was, and is, there a HUGE coverup of 9/11 Truth continuing to this very day?  Yes, indeed!

9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress

Many Americans, some of us on the very day of 9/11/01 itself, were grimly aware of what really happened (and what positively did not happen).  To arrive at the most probable plot, all that was required for any rational person with common sense was to see and hear the ridiculous ‘official story’.  Yes, sharpened intuition and the God-given faculty of reason can take us very close to the truth, especially when we are open to it.

However, what has also emerged over the past 13 plus years is a vast body of evidence and testimony that is entirely circumstantial and anecdotal in nature.  This proof alone is so compelling that it is truly a wonder the U.S. Government has not already collapsed under the weight of it collective guilt.  Additionally, the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has published categorical scientific proof that the 9/11 Commission Report is a patently false and fraudulent document.

What does the Bill Cosby Story have to do with 9/11 or JFK?

With the passage of time, the truth always finds a way of coming out.  As it is now clear that the U.S. Federal Government is directly responsible for the 9/11 false flag attacks on America, there has been no court case to prove it.  However, that doesn’t make the government any less culpable.  Likewise, with the complete exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald, it is now certain that JFK was the victim of a classic CIA execution plan.  Again, no court case has ever proven it, but the case against the CIA is now obvious and self-evident.

Likewise, well over thirty (30) female victims have surfaced providing graphic and horrifying details of Bill Cosby’s behavior spanning over 5 decades.  Each of these women has nothing to gain except the courageous offering of their testimony in support of their fellow victims.  They receive(d) no monetary gain or legal remedy through their public disclosures about Bill Cosby’s illicit conduct.  The also braved the myriad possibilities of being maligned on the internet for their truth-telling.

Furthermore, various witnesses have surfaced which point directly to actions which Bill Cosby took to cover up his sex crimes via payoffs, legal threats and other arrangements. Cosby’s onetime office manager offers a particularly incriminating account of his conduct which ultimately served as his reason for resigning from a plum position.

What’s the point?

When both the sheer quantity, and quality, of evidence and testimony rise to a certain level of integrity, it cannot be dismissed.  To dismiss it is to do so at one’s peril.  It also sets up the future possibilities that more people will be irreparably harmed by the same destructive behavior.

As an instructive example, because the U.S. citizenry failed — dismally — to hold their government to account for its involvement in the implementation and coverup of the 9/11 false flag operation, look at what has transpired across the entire planet since then.  Some regions of the world have since been reduced to an apocalyptic wasteland by the very same nations — the USA, the UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia — which were responsible, directly and indirectly, for the 9/11 attacks and massive coverup.

9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

What does 9/11 have to do with Bill Cosby? 

Mr. Cosby has apparently conducted himself in a manner over the span of five decades which has caused lasting physical injury and extraordinary emotional harm to many women and their families.  Just like 9/11, his criminal behavior was the product of a convoluted ‘conspiracy’.  He was able to get away with this shocking criminal activity for so long because of the conspiracy of silence, before, during and after his sexual assaults using rape drugs.  And we’re not even talking about the paralyzing and mortified silence exhibited by the thirty plus and counting female victims.

The real conspiracy here, and this discussion is not in any way meant to dismiss the quite authentic conspiracy to “obliterate the legacy“, is the one which most people are now well aware of.  Let’s dissect it here, if you will?

The agency system of Hollyweird Hollywood is extremely tight and super-controlled from the top.  The flow of information, especially the scuttlebutt about everyone on the set right up to those in the TV corporate boardrooms, is stunningly efficient and rapid, yes?  Every agent is not only paid well, but also ordered to keep up on any actor indiscretions and peccadilloes, criminal tendencies and destructive vices, which might compromise a multi-million dollar production-in-progress.  It’s been this way ever since the very first television program was beamed into American living rooms.

That means that since the 1960s, numerous Hollywood agents and studio heads, directors and producers, actors and actresses, set designers and costume designers, have known to varying degrees about the ‘secret’ Bill Cosby story.  You may have even read that one agent specifically told every women, who was scheduled to meet with Bill for an ‘interview’, that they should do WHATEVER he requested of them, no matter what.  Talk about the proverbial setup … by the very agency system itself?!

This may come as a surprise to some folks, but the very backbone of this unspoken conspiracy which enabled Bill to conduct this multi-decade crime spree was the Mainstream Media(MSM).  For many years those key players in the MSM have heard the many rumors surrounding Cosby’s casting couch.  Any investigative reporter could have walked down the road of revelation with just a little initiative.  They all chose to ignore the story because of political correctness, jeopardizing ad revenue or whatever.  Make no mistake about it, it was first and foremost the conspiracy of silence throughout the MSM that allowed this sexual exploitation saga to go unreported for so very long.

The Casting Couch = The Bedding Parlor

The Casting Couch has, quite unfortunately, been the “bedding parlor” practically forever.  Which brings us to the many women who found themselves drawn into Bill’s lair.  From the many first-hand testimonies it appears that these drug-rapes occurred during the first or second meetings between Bill and his ‘interviewees’.  That’s not to say that others did not occur later on in a relationship after he had the opportunity to size up their vulnerabilities, which he was able to do with extraordinary cunning and proficiency.

The point is that the great majority of these women were clearly innocent and naive to Bill’s true intentions.  And, if any of them had even an inkling of his scheme, they would have never shown up at his door — PERIOD!  Yes, there may have been a couple who were so shell-shocked or so confused or so determined to get a job no matter what. Nonetheless, the first time drug-rapes were meant to be one time affairs; hence, we see the number of accusers growing by the week.  A habit like that requires a new ‘fix’ with every uncontrollable urge, right?

Some internet commentators have put the question very bluntly :

How would any mother or father respond to their daughter being subjected to the very same alleged sexual assaults by Bill Cosby.  Likewise, how would they feel about the same post-violation treatment many have received from Cosby’s liars lawyers.

We trust that this point has hit its mark for the continuing defenders.  Again, “How would you feel if any of these woman were your daughter?

At the end of the day, criminal behavior of this nature and degree, can never be dismissed.  NEVER!  To do so only enables the perpetrator and encourages them to continue their pattern of destructive behavior.

See today the number of nations that the US invades on the false pretext of 9/11 because no nation or group of nations ever stepped forward to tell the unvarnished truth about that catalyzing event which was staged in order to advance American hegemony.  And, yes, there are many in government  — at the federal, state and local levels — who have full knowledge of the real 9/11 “Inside Job”.

Is there also a vast conspiracy to bring down Bill Cosby and destroy his legacy?

There’s no question that this is the case, except that Bill Cosby himself acted out the behavior to bring himself down — BIG time!.  Particularly in light of his bumping up against the ultra-liberal agenda and his initiative to produce a new TV show has the conspiracy been ramped up.  That’s not to mention his two attempts to purchase NBC, a feat that no person of color would ever be permitted to accomplish in America.  Certainly his many endeavors to empower the black youth of America is at odds with you-know-who, yes?

However, disseminating the empowering message of “taking personal responsibility” to the black communities should always first begin at home.  This is where Bill Cosby especially failed himself and those who were closest to him.  For it is a well-known fact that a ‘teacher’ can only impart such knowledge effectively when he or she has imbibed it and practiced it.  Only then does it become true wisdom which can be transmitted freely to family and friends, co-workers and fans alike.

Herein lies the fatal flaw — the very crux of this Shakespearean tragedy — which most of us possess, incidentally.  If all the allegations are in fact true about Bill Cosby’s egregiously criminal behavior over the 50-year period, then it was only a matter of time before his smackdown by the Universe would occur.  Because of the seriousness and number of crimes against these many women, ultimately the bigger the crash and burn will be.  We are, after all, talking about a time when the “Return of the Goddess” is occurring — 24/7 — throughout the present patriarchal society.  And, boy, is She pissed.

So, that sums up one of these conspiracies against Bill Cosby, and his legacy.  Any stalwart defender has only him to thank for destroying the cultural legacy to the extent that it actually has been.  Where he was not ‘alone’ in creating his legacy, he is primarily responsible for wrecking it.

The Universe, by the way, will always see to it that our legacies are put to good use whenever the good Lord so chooses.  It’s not for us — individually or collectively — to be worried about the protection or longevity or efficacy of our respective legacies.  We do what we can to make our contributions to the world, and leave the rest to God.

Trying to protect a man’s legacy who has done nothing to protect it himself and who has done much to damage it, especially given these exceedingly outrageous circumstances, is a tremendous waste of time and energy.  Word to the wise: Such zeal to protect someone else’s legacy can also be easily construed as complicity with their scandalous behavior by the more cynical among us.  In Cosby’s case it can be viewed as self-serving for those who have something to personally gain such as his co-stars who continue to earn residual income from reruns.

Shall we get back to the other conspiracy that is operating under the radar.

For the record, we are obligated to point out the following essay entitled:

America’s “Black Curse”:
The More Fame and Fortune, Power and Influence, The More Likely Black Superstars Will Be Publicly RUINED

This essay lays bare exactly what the conspiracy theorists are referring to.  We fully agree that there is a concerted effort to bring Bill and his legacy down for all the reasons stated in the aforementioned article.  For those who won’t have the occasion to read it, here’s some of the relevant content.

It’s surely no surprise that Tiger Woods was taken down so hard, when there are other  professional golfers who are guilty of the very same behavior.  No golfer in history has ever been subjected to such a media firestorm over their marital infidelity and sexual indiscretions.  Now, exactly how many accomplished black golfers have there been over the past hundred years?

That OJ Simpson would be convicted by the Mainstream Media for a crime he did not commit, in what is known as the “Trial of the Century”, is also not surprising given this very same conspiracy going on in the background for many decades.  The jury went on to exonerate him on the basis of solid scientific evidence.  Later in life, he was then framed for another crime of which he is innocent and was in fact entrapped.

That Michael Jackson would be viciously pursued by false accusers and false media allegations is another blatant case of the unrelenting prosecution, and persecution, of the most famous black Americans in the world.  Then he is killed unwittingly by an innocent black physician who was framed for the crime and sent to prison.  Some of Jackson’s last few song hits expressed strongly anti-war or pro-peace sentiments.

Did we mention the gifted Whitney Houston who was torn away from her Gospel roots only to be killed by the lethal combination of alcohol and drugs, and alcohol and meds provided to her by her husband? Her whole relationship with Bobby Brown was arranged by the same conspiracy within the Music Industry where maximum control is always exercised over highly talented and/or powerful black personalities.

Going back to the 1960s, two of the greatest black empowerment advocates of all time were assassinated in cold blood — Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.  That these two giants were gunned downed in the same decade by the same cabal is evidence of how long this conspiracy of the “Black Curse” has been operating.  It doesn’t get any bigger than MLK, except for his powerful and sublime speeches to humanity.  Malcolm X (and his much-needed message) was likewise a powerhouse of inspiration throughout black communities in the USA and abroad.

Even basketball legends like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are not immune to the Black Curse.  Just when Michael Jordan started to flex his muscles in the business world after his retirement from playing pro ball, his father was mysteriously killed on a highway in South Carolina.  In the case of Magic Johnson, he mysteriously tested HIV-positve and immediately retires from playing professional basketball in the prime of his career.

Obviously we can go on and on with this eye-opening exposé, but surely you get the point.

Year of the Psychopath

There is a new internet meme circulating fast and furiously.  2015 is quickly shaping up to be the Year of the Psychopath.  2014 was the Year of the Crazymakers.  Here’s another instance where the psychos, the real crazies among us, have been given the keys to the asylum.  In the following post, for instance, a quite compelling case is made for how the craziest, criminally insane psychopaths are currently running the asylum of Planet Earth.

An OPEN LETTER To President Vladimir Putin

With this understanding, many of us lightworkers-in-the-making have learned — in the hardest ways  — that there is only one way to deal with a real psychopath or sociopath. Truly, there is only one way to orient ourselves toward these dark souls.  Only ONE way.


When you are confronted with an incorrigible and criminally insane psychopath or sociopath, the very best way to deal with them is to not deal with them.  It is really best to avoid them any and every way possible.

If you are unable to do this, then you must look at every way to insulate yourself from their behavior and its highly destructive consequences.

Again, it is worth repeating that it is crucial not to involve yourself with a certified psychopath IN ANY WAY.  This is critical, because everything they do will bring you down. They will eventually bring down everyone who is close to them, as they seem to be hardwired to do just that.  Now you know what defines a “Shakespearean tragedy”.

How does one identify a criminally insane psychopath when they are so clever at covering their tracks?

DENIAL!  They are perpetually stuck in denial … about everything.  They never do wrong and forever turn their wrongs into ‘good deeds’.  Because they are so locked in this never-ending cycle of denial, they create many a problem wherever they go.  Often these will develop into quite serious problems that will eventually drag down everyone involved.

Sound familiar?

The Seriousness Of The Violation Must Not Be Diminished Or Ridiculed 

Now we come to the terrible tragedy which has occurred in the lives of thirty plus women and counting.  Can any Bill Cosby defender imagine what it would be like to be drugged unconscious, and then raped by a prospective employer who meticulously set up the whole crime scene in advance?!

Then, after years of trying to find their courage, they finally step up to the plate because others have first found their courage to speak publicly.  Notwithstanding, the Cosby PR machine and legal team is right there to greet you with threats, and retribution, and every disparaging adjective they can think of.  The lawyers have a battalion of PIs out there digging up all the dirt they can create in order to dissuade other victims from speaking their truth to the world.

The most important reason why it is crucial at this moment of U.S. history to get to the bottom of this sordid tale is because it continues up to this very day. The Hollywood Hollyweird culture literally breeds predatory individuals who prey upon the young and beautiful, naive and trusting.  As a matter of fact, the TV and movie-making environment is so thick with this kind of well-known conduct that it’s a wonder Hollyweird wasn’t shut down decades ago.

Where do we go from here? 

A 78-year old Bill Cosby is now performing shows even in Ontario, Canada.  Despite the overwhelming anecdotal and circumstantial evidence pointing to his guilt, he continues his career and has even made a joke of the whole predicament in a comedic routine.  Even if he was stone-cold innocent of all the allegations, to many this is seen as wholly inappropriate behavior of the lowest order.

This rapidly evolving predicament now begs for a new response from society.  Absent a reasonable and efficacious approach for these 30-plus women to get some closure, it will fester in the hearts and minds of all living generations.  Therefore, there must be found a new way for all of these terribly aggrieved women to factually tell their stories, for Bill Cosby to truthfully defend himself, and for the rest of us to continue to learn from this “Shakespearean Tragedy of Epic Proportions”.

Very sincerely,

Concerned Mothers and Fathers,
Husbands and Wives,
Sisters and Brothers,
Daughters and Sons


Bill Cosby May Actually Be Prosecuted For Rape Accusations

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