Hillary Clinton Has Enabled A Sexual Predator Husband For Decades

This Video Is Disturbing! Roger Stone Annihilates Hillary! Judge Jeanine Setup the Knockout Blow!

by Project Clarity

I have a 22 year old daughter and when I was working on this video I thought, should I let her see it? The answer is yes. Hillary and Bill need to be exposed. The Clintons are two of the most corrupt people on the planet. Everyone remembers the end of the first debate when Trump said “I was going to say something so hard against your family and I just can’t do it”.

Hillary tried to bait Trump into exploding and showing he was a hair trigger candidate. Trump didn’t take the bait, but he did fire a shot across the bowel that if Hillary ever broached this topic again he would unleash the fires of hell upon her! His Campaign has greased the skids to do exactly that. His surrogates have been addressing the issue of Hillary’s feminist platform. Just so happens that the best surrogate of them all for this issue is a female judge.

I saw Judge Jeanine on Friday night with Hannity saying that she was going to trash Comey. I taped the show Saturday at 9:00pm and it turns out that instead of trashing Comey she went after Hillary as an anti-feminist. This was the Judges last Opening statement before the second debate and she decided to focus on Hillary not Comey. You may or may not know that Jeanine and Donald are long time friends. Do you think they didn’t talk about this? Of course they did.

She is the one that said in the next debate Trump has to rip into Hillary on the feminist issue. Hillary claims to be the champion of women’s rights! Consider this. Trumps best shot at acquiring additional votes is to target the millennial female undecided voters. There are at least to generations of millennials that don’t know the names Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Helen Dowdy, Connie Hamzy, and others.

The media has shut down the fact that Hillary has been an enabler of a sexual predator for over thirty years. When she is running her campaign as a champion of women’s rights and the greatest feminist of all time, this information has to be exposed! The last 6 minutes in the video is the full Clinton testimony!! She was not appointed , she made the decision to take this case. She was not a public defender. Also she flew to New York to get expert testimony. None of this passes the smell test!

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