WHO Won The Great Debate? GOPs and DEMs Pretty Much Agree Who Lost!


The Donald versus Hilla the Hun

State of the Nation

Any armchair political analyst could see Hillary Clinton’s strategy last night.

They could also see how Donald Trump made a fatal decision which he was unable to undo.

The Clinton strategy

Hillary knew that she has more baggage than any — ANY — presidential candidate in U.S. history, bar none.  Because of that harsh reality, her handlers impressed upon her that the only defense was a very sneaky and scurrilous offense.  And that’s what she did.

AD HOMINEM attacks all night long came out of Clinton’s mouth.

Vicious, vile and vindictive!  She regurgitated any rumor or fact about The Donald‘s business and personal life she could remember.  It was like a cat fight, except that Hillary was a feral tomcat with 9 lives of practiced hominem tactics to draw from. And Donald was a little kitten afraid to enter the junkyard of her making.

Her sordidly tabloid approach to this debate was surely a success for her equally scurrilous followers.  They love this stuff, and only cared about how much she bloodied The Donald … which she did with a vengeance.

It was also clear that Clinton put her lying skills into high gear as a former unscrupulous lawyer.  As a pathological liar and clinically insane psychopath, Hillary knows just where to go to disable her opponents with her carefully scripted lies and hurtful falsehoods.  Her dismissive and disrespectful repartee all through the night graphically demonstrated her highly sociopathic tendencies which have served her ‘well’ for a lifetime, and especially throughout her political career.

Truly, the whole world saw just how ugly Hillary Clinton can be.  Her many nicknames — Hildabeast, Killary, Hilla the Hun, Hitlery, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Wicked Witch of the West Wing, Shillary — all rang true in one short hour and a half of salacious rumor mongering.  It was nonstop personal destruction of The Donald and her base absolutely loved it.  And, yet, it is Clinton who has all the really horrendous political history, both personal and professional.   For instance:

Hillary Clinton’s High Crimes and Sordid Scandals, Financial Fiascos and Political Debacles

Clinton Helped A Rapist Get Away With Child Rape And Laughed About It

Hillary Clinton Is a ‘Criminal Involved in a Criminal Enterprise’

Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?

Clinton and Obama, the Arab Spring and the Creation of ISIS

The Clinton Crime Foundation is “organized crime” at its finest.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton laughs about a brutal assassination which she approved of

Special Note:
There’s an old saying that goes like this:
There is ONLY one way to deal with a real psychopath.  YOU DON’T!
Herein lies the problem for Donald Trump.
How can he debate someone who he simply shouldn’t be debating?
Even if he fights fire with fire, she will outfire him.
She’s much quicker on her feet from years of practice.
This is not his forté, nor does he want to go there.

The Trump Strategy

Donald made the fatal mistake of telling her at a couple of different times early on that he would play nice.  That will never work when up against a psychopath.  They will twist the knife when their victim is down in their greatest moment of weakness.  And she did!

Trump failed to realize that there is a HUGE difference between debating a Republican man, as he did several times, and debating a Democratic woman.  Hillary is the quintessential left-wing, ultra-liberal, super-progressive Democrat, who really isn’t. However, people of this ilk really do appear to be intellectuals, even though they are the stupidest people on the planet.  Trump played right into her strategy of verbal rope-a-dope, however.  It was like watching her pull a “Muhammad Ali” floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee … all night long,

Trump attempted several times to take her down on her extremely deplorable and highly vulnerable record.  However, she always used her seasoned political histrionics to mock his justifiable assaults.  He did not quite know how to respond to her incisive insults and well-placed slanders.  Trump was mostly on the defensive for ridiculous stuff, whereas Clinton was on the offensive when she has a proven political track record of so much death and destruction around the world.

It was clear from the very beginning that Donald Trump assumed a overtly defensive posture as he intuitively knew that she could come at him from any direction anytime. Which is precisely what she did, keeping him awkwardly off balance.  He does not know how to fight a woman in the ring, because he does not fight them in this manner; unless, of course they’re a Rosie O’Donnell.  He obviously did not want to appear as a debate thug or unpresidential by tearing her to shreds, which he could have done at any moment based on the information found in the public record (See the preceding list of links).


You will not see this analysis anywhere in the MSM or Alt Media.  It goes to the very core of who these two people are.

Hillary is exactly the mean-spirited, cut-throat and dangerous person she presented herself to be last night.

The Donald is the genuinely concerned, magnanimous businessman who also has a lot of rumors from his past that keep him on the defensive.

The debate victory may have gone to Clinton, but the winning of trust went to Trump. While people may have cringed at some of his not-well-thought-out answers or lapses in the use of proper political language, you knew that Trump was tongue-tied at times because Hillary knew just where and how to throw her daggers.

Final Word: Trump attacked Hillary on her disastrous public record and epic failures. Hillary then assaulted Trump with unproven personal scandal that amounted to nothing more than rumor and hearsay.

Takeaway: Whoever takes the high road will always lose the fight in the coliseum.

The only hope that Trump has in the future debates is to turn them into a slugfest in a manner that only he knows how to do.  Relax, Donald, and have some fun.  She’s already toast!

State of the Nation
September 27, 2016

Editor’s Note

The Hofstra University venue for this first debate in Hempstead, NY was heavily in favor of Hillary Clinton.  The audience was full of Long Island limousine liberals from the whole New York City metro area.  Lester Holt was obviously pro Clinton, as every major network anchor has been this campaign season.  After the debate was over, Hillary worked the crowd with Bill like it was her personal campaign event, while Donald stood on stage surrounded by his family as if under siege.  The optics were quite catastrophic for the Trump campaign as the whole event was deliberately sculpted to Clinton’s advantage.



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