777.7 SHEMITAH Numerology Explained and Decoded

Interview with Jonathan Cahn Regarding the Shemitah

Jonathan Cahn (JC)

JC  8:16 In the Bible the Shemitah actually determines the timing of the calamity.

JC  8:34 So if you take the moment of the day of the Shemitah 2008, greatest crash in Wall Street history to this day, on September 29th, 2008 you know Shemitah is about sevens. It’s the seventh year; all these sevens. How much was wiped out of Wall Street? 7%. How many points were wiped out of Wall Street? 777.7. On the moment of the sevens.

Well, if you take that marker, 4 p m stock market close, closing bell 777.7 go back seven in a mystery of sevens, and we’re going to go forward too. Go back seven years, seven Biblical years takes you to the closing bell of the crash of 2001 the other greatest crash, to the exact second. Go back then from that day that’s 4 p m Monday September something, go back to the seventh day and it takes you to 911. It points not only to the greatest crash it takes you to 911. 4 p m go back seven hours it takes you to 9 a m, which is the hour of 911. Go back two more sevens of minutes and it takes you to 8:46 the minute of 9/11!

So this is how precise this is but now let me do something else, which I couldn’t have told you in the last interview because it didn’t happen. We have had since then the greatest global crash of stock markets took place with BREXIT, the day that Britain seceded from the European Union. Greatest crash since 2008, Elul 29.

Well here’s what happened. If you take that same moment on the stock market of Sept 29, 2008, 777.7 go forward seven years. This was in secular newspapers and they didn’t realize what the connection was. Seven years, seven months, seven weeks, and seven days, where does it take you? It takes you to June 24th of this summer, the day of the BREXIT, the greatest global crash since that first day.

JC  10:37 This was literally in secular financial papers and what they noted, you take the day where it was 777.7 but they don’t know it was the Shemitah, they don’t know that happens to be the one day of the seventh year of seven, and they don’t know that. They said if you take this, it comes here, so is really eerie. It pinpoints the next greatest crash. Well, the one thing they were missing was the biblical mystery this is the Mystery of the Shemitah.

That was the DAY of the Shemitah, it’s the NUMBER of the Shemitah, and it’s the PATTERN of the Shemitah. Amazing!

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