The Good News About Hillary (Maybe) Winning

Ferndale, WA
August 11, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Despite all my complaining about how corrupt Hillary is, there’s good
reason to be joyful should she somehow prevail in November.

Clinton is clearly the Establishment candidate in this election. That means
the mini-revolutions in the two major parties that saw the takeover of the
Republican Party by Trump and the near-victory of Sanders within the
Democratic Party will have the potential to coalesce around a few shared
issues once Hillary takes office.

This is what I wanted to happen this year: the failure of leadership among
those who emerged to lead the Tea Party faction of the right (Trump) and
the Occupy Wall Street faction on the left (Sanders) means that my vision
for a new political party will have to wait until at least 2020.

Moreover, the range of substantial claims against Hillary, Bill and the Clinton
Foundation are enormous and will serve as a significant constraint on their
ability to govern if victorious as well as a rallying cry for those who are against
The Establishment.

The Clintons are destined to be caught up in endless lawsuits, damage control
efforts and news spinning from day one of their return to the Oval Office.

Not only will they have the immense baggage of their first two terms as well as all
the new scandals that have emerged from Hillary’s time as Secretary of State
and her DNC manipulations during this year’s campaign, they will be faced with
the legacy of the Obama years which have been nothing short of a catastrophe
for the “progressive” left that Clinton represents.

It will take highly repressive measures for Hillary to implement gun control,
Obamacare, global warming related environmental regulations and other
parts of the Democratic platform. Such efforts are bound to generate enormous
resistance with the high likelihood of social unrest.

With a seriously wounded economic system, enormous debt, major international
crises and a neocon approach to foreign affairs that guarantees more costly wars,
there is little reason to hope that Clinton’s commitment to the Bush/Obama focus on
US/NATO hegemony, globalization and (un)free trade deals like TPP will succeed.

That will provide a golden opportunity for the millions of disaffected independents,
libertarians, anti-war leftists and others to find common ground on the few issues
they agree on to continue the battles fought this year with Sanders and Trump
leading the charge.

The turmoil in Turkey is a perfect example of how the Neocon inspired approach
of foreign policy embraced by Obama and Hillary that was a direct continuation of
the Bush years is destined for further failure and will have to be changed:

New leaders have emerged who will be the future face of a saner America. Tulsi
Gabbard of Hawaii is destined to play a major role on the national scene. Rand
Paul is likely to be there to join her. Hopefully Cynthia McKinney will be recognized
for her courage and integrity to join the ranks of a generation who will be forced
by reality to abandon imperial designs, regime change, a total embrace of the
national security state and other elements of American Exceptionalism that have
been used to justify implementing a Pax Americana new world order.

With Trump seemingly imploding with his self-destructive comments and miscues,
it is not inconceivable that the highly corrupt and truth challenged Hillary Clinton
will win the presidency.

For the reasons stated above, despite the danger to the Republic she represents,
there is some small room to be hopeful that it might actually be good news.

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