Yo, Bernie: The Clinton Foundation Is “A Charity Fraud!”

Santa Rosa, CA
May 7, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Once again Bernie Sanders is provided with a golden opportunity
to distance himself from his corrupt rival for the Democratic
nomination by going for the jugular regarding her corrupt ways.

Instead of playing nice by eschewing her e-mail scandal, her
poor foreign policy judgment and her history of sordid endeavors
during a long public career like he has done so far, the
Vermont Senator should expose Hillary and her corrupt family
for the hucksters that they are.

The Clintons turned their foundation into a parallel government
worthy of something out of a James Bond film like Spectre.

Rather than sidling up to her as a possible VP, it is well past
time for Sanders to say enough! That’s what most of his
followers want and that’s what provides him the best chance to
get the Super Delegates to finally abandon her.

An endorsement by him of Mrs. Clinton either by agreeing to be on her ticket and/or by telling his followers to vote for the former Secretary of State will constitute a sell-out of the highest order.

The revolt we have all witnessed this year by the millions of disaffected appears to be in jeopardy of being co-opted by both of their leaders: Trump among the Republicans with his choice of advisors and Sanders with his apparent backing of Clinton.

If that occurs, the entire “political revolution” both men claimed
to be conducting will have been undermined and the tireless
efforts of sincere, dedicated believers wasted on phonies.

That is why it is imperative that Sanders stops pussy-footing
with Hillary and take her down in the same way Trump to his
credit dispatched the Bush clan.

If Sanders needs any further proof that backing Mrs. Clinton is a
betrayal of what he claims to believe in, let him ponder who it is
who wants her to win. It is the Neocons and Wall Street crowd
who have been bailed out despite their corrupt ways and who are
eager for more wars in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere.

So the die is about to be cast. History is unfolding rapidly and
dramatically. What will it be Bernie: more wars and corruption or
at least the start of something better and something other than the
Clinton Crime Family?

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