Will 2018 sees the birth of a new political party?


Windsor, CA
June 12, 2018

“Walking Away” From the Left…….Towards A New Political Party!?!
by Rich Scheck

The young man who made the video below has taken a major step away from the
Democratic Party that’s been captured by the forces of identity politics and entitlement.

By allowing hate-filled groups to gain control of its agenda, the Democrats are losing
many of those who were willing to support their deeply flawed candidate in 2016.

The DNC’s response to the theft of the nomination by Hillary Clinton with the able help
of Debbie Wasserman Schultz is beyond feeble. They have rewarded those who worked
to deny Bernie Sanders a place on the ticket by essentially banning him and his many
supporters from participating in the 2020 nomination process via adoption of new rules to
prevent a repetition of that phenomena.

Predictably, many Berniacs are literally “walking away” from the Democrats. That is
understandable in light of all that has happened but leaves an enormous vacuum that
needs to be filled. What are these disaffected liberals going to do with their votes?

This writer has suggested that there is enough common ground between some on the left
and those on the right to start a new party that can provide an outlet for all their frustrations.

Those who share disdain for wars based on lies; government corruption; corporate greed;
improper surveillance and other excesses of the national security state can unite……even
if only temporarily…..to defeat the two-party tyranny.

Populism is sweeping the planet because of the failures of Globalism and the dramatic
impact that technological change has had on so many lives.

Its time for Tea Party types to join with the disaffected Occupy Left to form a new party
that is pro peace (anti-wars based on lies); pro-business (anti-corruption); pro civil
liberties ( no more spying to constrain liberty in the name of national security); and pro
individual responsibility (each person must look to themselves to solve their problems rather than relying on Big Brother—The State—to save them from life’s challenges).

If we are to avoid the fate of Venezuela, the USSR and other socialist failures that have
promised their citizens far more than they could deliver, we must all walk away from the
lies and false promises embodied in an entitlement agenda that leads to unending war,
unsustainable national debt and a bleak Huxwellian future.

This move by the young man in the video is a major baby step in the right direction for a better future for all Americans as well as the rest of the world.

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