American Public Craves A Choice: Is A Third Party Inevitable?

Rohnert Park CA
April 30, 2018

by Rich Scheck

Both parties are in deep trouble! The American public craves a true choice in their elections and are poised to reject the Democrats and Republicans in 2018

Most of us are tired of endless scandals and unending wars. We see both the Democrats and Republicans as irredeemably corrupt and desire an alternative. We are talking about 100 million voters who want a real choice!

Those who think their preferred party can be reformed from within need to reconsider that belief: neither Obama’s “Hope and Change” nor Trump’s “Make America Great Again” have altered the Washington Consensus that underlies the Welfare State/Warfare State. That tacit arrangement leads to bloated budgets, wars of aggression and dreams of government salvation by enthusiastic supporters of Bernie’s socialist vision.

With the sore loser Democrats bemoaning Hillary’s fate by refusing to accept the election results and the Neocon Republicans capturing Trump’s heart to promote their war policies for Pax Americana, We The People who constitute the vast majority of the electorate long for a sound alternative to the current madness.

The good news for the future is folks have had enough and are ready to boycott the process in order to be heard. It’s time for Progressives and Libertarians to unite: believe it or not the Tea Party Right and The Occupy Left have enough common ground upon which they can move forward if they are smart enough to avoid the dividing process than conquers them.

It is my strong belief that a transpartisan agenda that promotes peace and economic prosperity while being sufficiently sensitive to the legitimate social needs and general welfare of the public will prevail in the years ahead.

It looks like some form of third party (or an old party with a trusted leader) is almost guaranteed! I submit 100 million voters can’t be wrong about the future they desire. But first we must find a way to stop these senseless wars that drain our resources while draining the swamp inside the Beltway!

It won’t be pretty…………..but the likelihood of it happening is now virtually assured!


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