Is WWIII On Hold?

(Even) Sarah Palin Gets That Assad Chemical Attack Claim Is Bullshit!

by Rich Scheck

Tucker Carlson led the way with some excellent journalism that asked all the right questions regarding the alleged responsibility of President Assad for the chemical attack last week in Syria.

Ron Paul joined a host of other sane commentators on both the left and right who warned this was an obvious false flag effort to provide a pretext for more war to deflect attention from Trump’s many scandals.  Can you say “Wag The Dog?!?”

Now comes another Conservative, Sarah Palin, to say no to war! She was much maligned by the Main Stream Press as being too dumb to lead the country when she was nominated to be John McCain’s VP back in 2008 but is smart enough to get that the Assad chemical attack claim is bullshit:

With Secretary of Defense Mattis admitting that the US does not have any evidence that Assad is responsible for the alleged attack, it looks like President Trump is walking back that misguided Tweet forewarning Russia about him soon sending smart missiles again into Syria as punishment for something it did NOT do!

Hallelujah! I guess that means WWIII has been put on hold and that any forthcoming attack will be quite limited as some kind of face-saving gesture to show he “meant” it all along! Fingers crossed that’s all that happens!

There’s so much more to say including that Trump and Putin should be working together in Syria rather than shooting words and/or bombs at each other. That’s what Trump promised during the campaign only to be endlessly criticized for being Putin’s puppet by the Neocons who assailed any prospect of peace in the region.

The Mueller investigation has hand-cuffed the president from advancing a sane agenda for fear he might be cuddling the enemy. Things are so irrational that even those proposing the war scenario are starting to get embarrassed by the obvious lack of merit of their position and the serious implications of going forward on such dubious assertions.

Will this mark the low point of Cold War 2? Are we witnessing the end of our contemporary Cuban Missile Crisis like when Kennedy and Khrushchev found a way back in 1962 to stop the madness? Does this mean the American people will finally say no to the two war-party insanity and form a populist peace party in 2020?

Let’s hope so: the fate of our children and the world depends on it!

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