Q Anon: What’s the real deal?

An Excellent Comment Posted About Q and the ongoing LARP

*LARP = Live action role-playing

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Everyone at State of the Nation has been following the “Q Anon” phenomenon since the very beginning.

We have known from the start that Q has been quite effective at red-pilling a huge swath of the body politic, especially those who were ready.

However, we have also been aware that Q’s unique red pill is also being mixed with some very potent red kool-aid.

The true source of that kool-aid is becoming more apparent by the day.  SOTN is now writing an in-depth exposé on what is, in actuality, a massive and monolithic Q-controlled opposition operation.

Yeah, that’s a mouthful, alright.  Wait ’til you really see what’s going on here.

In the meantime, please consider the following intro; it provides necessary context: SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS (Updated) 

State of the Nation
March 31, 2018

N.B. The following perceptive comment was posted by “The Ferrett” in response to the following video: QAnon’s March Madness A Success.  He did a GREAT job of erecting the skeleton that SOTN is now fleshing out.

The Ferrett

Q Anon correctly identifies a global elite that is evil, satanic, and bent on pedophilia. In his descriptions, this elite group deals with international human trafficking, it orchestrates false flag events to advance its agenda, and conducts occult rituals behind closed doors. It owns and uses Hollywood, mainstream media and social networks to control the narrative and to censor the truth. All true, but he NEVER mentions Zionist or Jewish involvement in anything.

In short, Q Anon is just too slick for my liking. It’s professionally presented and oozes money with a media exposure that has become phenomenal in record quick time. The most obvious thing about Q is that he is unashamedly 100% pro-Trump and in full accord with Trump’s entire political agenda. From a PR perspective alone, it is an effective and innovative way of bolstering support for Trump while bypassing mass media.

Is Trump truly taking down a network of globalist Satanists? Is this why 90% of the media coverage of Trump is negative? Conversely, is The Storm actually a way of gaining the support of “truthers” while, in actuality, no storm is actually happening? Could it be the most elaborate LARP in human history, conducted by a brilliant troll [or a highly organized and sophisticated group of trolls]?

One thing is for sure: There is something profoundly messianic about the Q phenomenon. Prophecies of great tribulations and promises of delivering the world from Satan’s followers indeed take on epic, biblical proportions. Through “miraculous” tweets and pictures, Q has converted droves of skeptics into devout followers who are now believers and are ready to spread his word. Q himself adds to this mystique by often mentioning God and quoting the Lord’s Prayer, no doubt for Christian Zionist support.

So, is Q the real deal? I seriously doubt it, as the track record of global elite exposure by serious truthers in the past has usually always led to their quick demise . . .


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