ADAM SCHIFF: Dangerous Traitor, Reckless Warmonger and Criminal Politician

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff from California

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following post is a re-creation of the Realpolitik  NEWSLETTER  sent out by BREAKING ALL THE RULES (  BATR’s excellent post actually begins below the double line right under our site name and date.

It’s no accident of fate that this outstanding newsletter was just sent to the SOTN Editor. The SOTN team had been looking for the real villain responsible for propagating so many outright lies and falsehoods about the fake news scandal known as the “Trump-Russia collusion” story.  It’s a story alright…a real whopper indeed!

Within the political firmament, the most obvious leaker of false info, privileged info and classified info — since the very beginning of this hoax — has been the Democratic Congressman from California’s 28th District—Adam Schiff.  What makes this hoax so perilous to the American Republic is that it has devolved into full-blown witch-hunt… which could end up triggering a war with Russia.

Adam Schiff: A Wackadoodle on a Witch Hunt ‘Controlled By Pizzagate’?

So, upon reading the aforementioned newsletter, it became immediately clear that Adam Schiff really is America’s Public Enemy No. 1.  SOTN has already counted him as the single most dangerous politician in America. See: The Most Dangerous Politician In America

Because Schiff has degenerated into such a terrible menace to society, SOTN feels that he ought to be exposed like no other member of the U.S. Congress.  Toward that end, this news platform is commencing with an ongoing multi-media campaign to reveal the naked truth about this exceedingly treacherous government official.

ADAM SCHIFF: ‘Despicable’, ‘Utterly Evil’ and ‘a Traitor to Humanity’ — Paul Craig Roberts

The SOTN investigative journalists did not even have to produce any original content for the inauguration of this critical truth-disseminating campaign.  That’s because the following BATR newsletter stands as a uniquely powerful piece on the treasonous Adam Schiff, a truly “Dangerous Traitor, Reckless Warmonger and Criminal Politician”.

State of the Nation
March 3, 2018

MMXVIII Vol. 230 – March 1, 2018

Liar “Little” Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff: Grifter, Racketeer, Warmonger

Pasternak raises thousands for Schiff, and Schiff raises millions for Pasternak. It’s a sweet deal all around.

Schiff bloviates that his campaign to restart the cold war with Russia is an ideological crusade: “We are involved in a new battle of ideas,” he avers. “Not Communism versus capitalism, but authoritarianism versus democracy.” Yet this is about capitalism – crony capitalism of the sort that enriches both Schiff and Pasternak. As Major General Smedley Butler put it in 1935: “War is a racket.” And Schiff is one of the biggest racketeers in Washington.

The cynical, absurd campaign to tar the Trump administration as a Russian plot to take over America is based on noting but lies, innuendo, political opportunism, and naked greed. Trump famously pledged to “drain the swamp” that is Washington, D.C., and it was inevitable that Schiff, one of the nastiest of the swamp creatures, would arise from the muck screeching in protest.

Adam Schiff’s collusion with oligarch, Ukrainian arms dealer, exposed

Schiff gets donations from #Ukraine arms dealer Igor #Pasternak, who wants the US to ship more lethal weapons to Kiev’s Neo #Nazi regime that kills ethnic Russians (Link) …

A Ukrainian billionaire oligarch, with military industrial complex contracts, funding Adam Schiff’s campaign dinners at $2,500 a plate…no wonder Schiff is pushing the Russia fear mongering so hard.

Schiff’s hate for Trump and hate for Russia, can be easily explained by the money he appears to received from his oligarch patron, who has an agenda to neo-liberalize Ukraine, and profit from the pillage started in Maidan in 2014.

Adam Schiff’s Versions Of Events Are Frequently False Or Missing Key Details

1: Omitting Facts About Committee Business

Unlike what happened when Republicans on the committee asked Democrats for that vote, Republicans joined with Democrats to unanimously support his memo’s release to the House — the same process used for the majority memo. Here’s his claim: “The ‘release the memo crowd’ apparently doesn’t want to release the memo now. The most they would do is say that at some indeterminate point, a week or so from now, they would consider whether to release the minority memo.”

2: False Statements About the Committee

One trademark of Schiff’s leaks to the media is that they’re frequently process complaints. In December, a media outlet ran with Schiff’s process complaint alleging that House Republicans were “quietly” investigating perceived corruption at DOJ and the FBI without notifying minority members.

3: False Information about Nunes

Schiff referenced a committee hearing and added: “The very next day, our chairman went on what is known as the ‘midnight run,’ to obtain documents that he would, the following day go to present to the White House, claiming that they showed evidence of an unmasking conspiracy of the Obama administration.”

Schiff is portrayed by many in the media as being a straight shooter. His record in reality is of fanning the flames of absolutely every single Trump-Russia collusion allegation out there. Just this past week he pushed the false claim that Americans’ desire to see the House Intel Committee’s memo was in reality a Russian bot operation. Despite being a ranking member of an oversight committee, he lacks curiosity and interest into potential abuses at the FBI.

Adam Schiff Confirms Democratic Memo Contains ‘Sources and Methods’

White House problems with the Democrats’ “rebuttal memo” on the surveillance of Trump associates are genuine and the document could disclose “sources and methods,” California Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confirmed.

“We need to go through that and identify that which remains classified and would implicate sources and methods or investigative interests”

Devin Nunes shares ‘point by point’ refutation of Democratic memo

“The American people now clearly understand that the FBI used political dirt paid for by the Democratic Party to spy on an American citizen from the Republican Party,” Nunes said in a statement. “Furthermore, the FISA court was misled about Mr. Page’s past interactions with the FBI in which he helped build a case against Russian operatives in America who were brought to justice. It defies belief that the Department of Justice and FBI failed to provide information to a secret court that they had provided to an open federal court regarding their past interactions with Mr. Page.”

He shared the House Intelligence Committee majority party’s “point by point refutation” in a press release to reporters, which links to a PDF on the HPSCI website. There is also a one-page “key points” document from the committee majority.

GOP Rebuttal to Dem Rebuttal memo by Danny Chaitin on Scribd

House Intelligence ranking member Adam Schiff, D-Calif., meanwhile, released his own “fact sheet” to supplement the minority party’s memo. “Some time ago, Republicans on our committee released a declassified memo that omitted and distorted key facts in order to mislead the public and impugn the integrity of the FBI,” he said in an accompanying tweet.

Dem Fact Sheet Memo by Danny Chaitin on Scribd

‘Liar’ Adam Schiff is just made another UNHINGED Russia claims, and it’s a DOOZY!

Schiff Intentionally Sabotaged Democratic Rebuttal To FISA Memo

We now know: 

– Steele’s unverified dossier played a critical role in obtaining approval from the FISA court to carry out surveillance of Carter Page and “unmask” members of the Trump campaign

– The FBI used a Yahoo News article written by Michael Isikoff to support the FISA application – however the Isikoff article contained information provided by Steele. In other words, the FBI made it appear to the FISA court that two separate sources supported their application, when in fact they both came from Steele

– Steele was paid by Clinton, the DNC and the FBI for the same information

– The FBI and DOJ made minimal disclosures to the FISA court about the dossier’s political origins – mentioning in a footnote that a law firm paid for it

“FBI noted to a vaguely limited extent the political origins of the dossier. In footnote 8 the FBI stated that the dossier information was compiled pursuant to the direction of a law firm who had hired an “identified U.S. person” — now known as Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.” –Grassley Memo

– Despite terminating their relationship with Steele over leaking to the media, the FBI vouched for Steele’s reputation in the FISA application in order to overcome the fact that most of the dossier’s contents were unable to be verified. 

– Signing off on the FISA applications for the FBI were James Comey (three times) and Andrew McCabe. Signing off for the DOJ were Sally Yates, Data Boente and current Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Benghazi Liar Schiff Now Lies about Uranium One

Fast forward to Uranium One and Fusion GPS and evidence of actual collusion and coordination between the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the Russians, and we find ranking member Schiff once again acting as a surrogate for both President Barack Hussein Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. He cannot do both. Nor can he ignore evidence that Team Hillary conspired with the Russians to both influence our elections and to engage in arguably treasonous pay-for-play in exchanging control of 20 percent of our uranium supply, the raw material for nuclear weapons, for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Schiff, as we know, is no stranger to partisan efforts to distract and is a veteran of using lies, false charges, and obfuscation to distract the American people from the crimes and corruption of Team Obama and Team Clinton. He shamelessly defended the incompetence and criminal negligence of Obama and Clinton in Benghazi

Schiff was the individual who called the heroes who fought off terrorists from the roof of the CIA annex in Benghazi liars for their account of the Obama/Clinton administration’s denying security improvements, ignoring warnings of the attack, and the issuance of a stand-down order for any rescue, an order they ignored. As Investor’s Business Daily recounted in 2014.


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