After the Florida shooting, everyone who isn’t needs to be red-pilled before Deep State does a major terrorist attack

Every American Now Faces Existential Threats

What follows is an excellent comment posted at ZeroHedge that points out the necessity of confronting the perps now, not later.

by verumciubono

Unless you people start red-pilling everyone you know, this WILL NEVER END.

Society is being bullied and brainwashed by the MSM into ignoring the TRUTHS about these shootings. YOU MUST NOT ALLOW THIS.

We gotta get honest about why these shootings CONTINUE to happen (almost always by the same script) and it takes time and effort to do research. Too much laziness in leaping into a familiar argument and being distracted with MSM smoke and mirrors, rather than digging in and understanding this.

MANY patterns are readily obvious in nearly ALL of these shooting events:

  • failure in law enforcement/intelligence (who are consistently notified of problem individuals ahead of time) to prevent event
  • common weaponry – ARs
  • event coincides with on site drills run by authorities/law enforcement
  • mental health issues and kids on SSRIs and other psychotropic drugs
  • eye-witness reports of multiple shooters sharing repetitive contrary observations/testimony to “official” version
  • significantly varied descriptions of what the shooter was wearing/doing/problems with timeline
  • lack of visual documentation (CCTVs down, non-existent, disappears) – there is not a kid breathing in this country who doesn’t have a cell phone w/ camera
  • few people show up at local hospitals
  • 911, 33, 666  numbers evident–as crazy as this sounds
  • the lone-gunman rhetoric
  • and ongoing resistance to gun control in DC
  • MSM censoring YouTube vids and Twitter conversations and other contrarian proof to the “official storytelling”
  • In the recent FL shooting case – in the first press conference following the event, the Sheriff basically threatened the press NOT to pursue any students for information…
  • Odd connections between “authority” figures involved in the siting of the event (Sheriff, police dept, school principal, etc.) and other strange events
  • and many other “details”

NONE OF THESE ARE COINCIDENCES! Nor are distractions in MSM’s version of events w/controlled propaganda.

What hangs people up when you mention false flags is that the MSM has brainwashed everyone into believing the false flag theory means “people weren’t killed”.  That’s entirely untrue – simply consider 9/11. Of course false flags can involve tragedy, injury, deaths. Even children, which is what makes it unconscionable. MSM wants you to immediately dismiss and be repulsed by anyone asking questions about the official narrative propaganda. Don’t fall for it.

Children will stop being killed when America wakes up and starts asking the right questions, making the right demands. It’s time.

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