Why do so many mass shootings take place in Broward County on same day as gun legislation debates in Tallahassee?


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I don’t know about other people, but this girl really likes to smile after getting shot in the head.

Tell me friends — do those gun wounds look real to you? Does the blood even look real or does it look more like magic marker drippings?

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Please also note that my entire blogspot blog was deleted yesterday (2-22-18), hence, I am creating a new blog today. Two youtube accounts were also deleted, as well as my google account. All of this because I am absolutely determined to help the American people see what is really going on. I’ve reuploaded all videos from this blog to bitchute and pewtube. The hyperlinks in this article that lead to my old blog can still be viewed by plugging them in at web.archive.org

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2-20-18 – Today I received an email from a resident of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am posting his words in full as I think what he is sharing is very important. Here is what he has to say:

It’s about to get much uglier in Broward. It has to be stopped somehow. In the case of Fort Lauderdale airport, 5 supposedly died.  ( http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/02/2016-fort-lauderdale-shooter-said-he-was-under-mind-control-second-shooter-reported/ ) But, in the school shooting, 17 supposedly died. And there is already a massive cover up, akin to that of Sandy Hook.

The County Government of Broward is heavily corrupt and authoritarian. We have our own little Deep State down here, with top County officials including the Sheriff having ties to CAIR – FL [Council on American-Islamic Relations], which is a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The School Superintendent, Ronald Runcie, advocates the promotion of Islam and Marxism in public schools and also is more than eager to subjugate the County to tyranny.

And the ” Mayor ” of Broward, Beam Furr, is appointed, not elected, same with half of the County commission as well as positions including Aviation Director. They rotate positions of power and the previous mayor Barbara Sharief is Muslim. Of course the MSM and County officials won’t address Nik Cruz’s ties to CAIR – FL, nor his allegiance to ISIS and Antifa.

On the day of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, FL this past Wednesday, the FL State Legislature was supposed to vote on SB1236, which would allow teachers and staff to be armed in schools. Since this false flag / psy op occurred, the vote on that bill was killed in the State Legislature

Similar scenario with the Fort Lauderdale airport ” shooting “. On that day, the FL State Legislature was to vote on some pro-gun bills; one for licensed open carry, one for campus carry, and one to end all gun-free zones. As a result of the airport false flag / psy op, those few pro-gun bills never got voted on and were scrapped entirely. This means, when the next false flag / psy op occurs in Broward County, it will be on a day that the FL State Legislature is to vote on either a single pro – gun bill or numerous pro – gun bills.

I knew for a fact that SB1236 was going to be scrapped. And of course numerous gun control rallies and a mass walkout on 3/14 is in the works. There needs to be a massive counter-propaganda campaign in Broward County to awaken as many people as possible.

When the next Broward false flag / psy op occurs, it will be on a date that the Florida State Legislature is to vote on a single or on numerous pro-gun bills. It will be in a bigger setting ; i.e. the main County Courthouse, BB&T Center or even Sawgrass Mills Mall. There may even be actual casualties next time.

I’m also having a pro-2nd Amendment rally at the main BSO Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The link is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/740585002798938/?ti=cl

Please get this out to as many as possible ; as long as you give due credit.

– Jake Philip Loubriel
Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/JakePhilipLoubriel
Instagram username: @american.rogue_
Email address: jphiliploubriel@outlook.com

PS – Every part of the Parkland ” shooting ” is staged, including the ” deaths ” of 17 people. There was an active shooter drill going on simultaneously, with blank rounds and with live rounds. There are eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters, and even of FBI in SWAT gear shooting kids. As for the kids and staff that got shot and survived, I’m quite certain that the FBI was trying to get rid of witnesses. Do not be surprised if these injured individuals go ” missing. ”

It’s time to go after the Broward County Deep State with even greater intellectual and political force.



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