Deep State & the Florida Mass Shooting: A. False. Flag. Attack.

Was the Florida Shooting a Deep State Sponsored False Flag?

By Condor, an Anonymous Patriot
American Intelligence Media 


There are a couple of books I have been studying recently. These authors’ insights complement much of my own individual research over the last ten years concerning anevil global criminal cabal which arose on my radar screen back in 2010. My research initially began with the investigation of the disappearance of a: Geothermal AtmosphericLiquified Thorium (GALT) chemical reactor which arose out of the Manhattan Project research back in the 1940s. See logo to right.

Government officials, decades later, when the GALT technology was rediscovered, said there was nothing sinister here…that its cancellation and disappearance was merely the result of incompetence and extremely poor judgement of officials associated with that particular time period.

I have since discovered documentations suggesting more than five thousand disruptive inventions have been snatched up by the New World Order (NWO) and its minions.  These inadvertent screw ups by incompetent officials has been continuous and deliberate over an extended period of time. This is a false narrative to mislead the general public in crimes of treason against the American Republic.

These two authors cited below published facts which are helping me to better understand the reasons for the suppression, sabotage and thief of advanced energy technologies, and often, the untimely deaths of their inventors, over the centuries.

These criminal actions serve to impoverish humanity while enriching future descendants of the global elites. This is nothing less than a crime against society and the deliberate sabotage of civilization’s advancement over time.

The End Justifies the Means

4th reichIn the late Jim Marrs’ book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, (see image to right) he noted on page 19 and 20 that the agenda of today’s NWO might best be described by the famous phrase The End Justifies the Means.

In other words, their members should pretend to be anything and anybody, adapt any philosophy, tell any lie, steal, cheat, even kill as long as it accomplishes the NWO’s objective.  The NWO’s objective is to end the America Republic experiment and achieve global rule under a cabal of criminal bankers.

The late Eustace Mullins penned another non-fiction book titled, The World Order – Our Secret Rulers – A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism. Mullins explained once the NWO seize absolute power in Russia, back in 1917, they proceeded to murder over 65 million Russians prior to World orderWWII in a terrible blood bath.  In this book we learned the NWO has been seeking an end to the American Republic experiment since 1776.

They will use any means necessary to achieve it.  Back in the 1980s, with all the power NWO wielded through its minions inside the Deep State, why hadn’t they completed their destruction of the Republic before the recent election of Trump?

In 1984, Eustace Mullins explained there were 200,000,000 answers to this question, not 200,000,000 Americans, but 200,000,000 guns held privately by American citizens. 

Mullins details a confidential Ford Foundation study showed that only 5 to 10% of Americans would actively resist a New World Order seizure of power. This was the good news.

GunsThe bad news was that only 1 % of our American citizens, armed and opposing the takeover, would defeat it.

Since 1948, Americans had continually asked Mullins when will the New World Order seize power in the U.S.

The answer is that the NWO will successfully seize power after they have confiscated the 350,000,000 guns held by the American Republic today, in the year 2018.

Guns are now presently forbidden in most countries around the world…that is with the exception of those who work for the criminal cabal of the New World Order.

Mullins reminds the reader that these psychopath criminals elites understand only one law – the law of force.  The criminal syndicalists who seek to enslave the entire world cannot be defeated by humility or compassion, but only by the most determined and the harshest measures.

Is Slaughtering Students the New Means to an End of Destroying Our Republic?

It appears the Deep State may have actually been planning two high school massacres on Valentine Day? One would be a false flag hoax (where no one dies but the MSM plays it up as if it did) while the other would be a false flag, where students actually do die, and they have a patsy to pin it on in place.[1]

MotherDoes anyone remember the remarkable grandmother who stopped the high school massacre attack planned for ACES High School, 30 miles north of Seattle, Washington?[2]  This actual false flag attack (with student deaths) in Everett, Washington was also scheduled for Valentine Day?

Unfortunately, for the Deep State, the grandmother called 911 and the local police.  If she had called the FBI, based on four recent events, the massacre would have still taken place.[3]

The Deep State already had legislation prepared to be presented to Congress to further erode the Second Amendment by Senator Boxer.  With the exposure of the ACES high school plot in Washington state, did a Florida False Flag hoax suddenly go live?  Just about any large high school in America will have any number of individuals who are considered outcasts… oddballs.

Stoneman DouglasThe Deep State would not have had to look far to find someone to serve as a patsy at any school but why in particular, at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida? The Parkland high school was named after someone notorious for efforts against draining the swamp. [4]  Was this a warning to America, if you attempt to block a New World Order, with the 2nd Amendment, we will take out your children? 

False Flag Duration: Seventy-Eighty Minutes from 911 Call to Capture

At 2:19 p.m., it is reported a gold-colored Uber vehicle dropped Nicolas Cruz off at the school he once attended. A school employee allegedly recognized him. The employee alerted a colleague that the former student was “walking purposefully” toward a school building with a soft black case.[5]

Cruz entered the school building at the east stairwell. Nicole Baltzer, 18, was in trigonometry class. In 10 minutes, the school day would be over. Why was the fire alarm blaring again? If school ends at 2:30 PM, the alarm was then tripped at 2:20 PM.

Four minutes after Cruz reportedly left the vehicle, the first 911 call came at 2:23 p.m. The shooter’s identity is given immediately. “Nikolas Cruz, Nikolas Cruz, who came in on campus with a backpack.”[6]

The rifle and bag are eventually found on the third floor.[7]

A police officer contacted Snead, the father who had taken in Cruz after the teen’s mother died last fall. Snead said he had spoken with Cruz, who told him he was at the McDonald’s near campus.  Cruz is wearing a maroon polo shirt with the school’s eagle mascot on the sleeve.

swat3:41 PM: Senior senator from Florida, Bill Nelson told CNN the afternoon immediately after the attack, citing the FBI as his source:[8]

The shooter wore a gas mask, and he had smoke grenades; he set off the fire alarm, so the kids would come pouring out of the classrooms and into the hall, and there the carnage began.

Nearly 78 minutes after the first 911 call, a police officer from nearby Coconut Creek spotted a young man walking along the side of a residential street. The description and clothing matched the shooter’s.

kid on groundLeonard pulled over and Cruz, wearing a maroon polo shirt with the school’s eagle mascot on the sleeve, surrendered without incident. At 3:41 p.m. came the radio call, “We have the suspect detained,”[9]


False Flag Suppression of a Multiple Shooter Narrative Again?

Similar to the disproven Las Vegas single-shooter narrative, it appears the corporately controlled Main Stream Media (MSM) continues its attempt to suppress any narrative involving multiple shooters at the school as reported by a number of the students. Thanks to the internet and Twitter the censor wall continues to crumble.

Why is the MSM so frantic about any narrative concerning multi-shooters?  This would suggest this was a military-like attack on the American public, not by foreign terrorist but by minions of the Deep State. Because of the NWO motto, “The Ends Justify the Means”, if it was ever proven their American minions in government intelligence agencies and in Congress, with the aid of the corporate controlled, MSM have been sanctioning the cold-blooded murder of American school children over time in an attempt to weaken the 2nd Amendment, our Republic and possibly the world at large, would rise up in a tsunami and drown this criminal cabal and their minions no matter what hole they attempted to hide in.

HoggThe MSM have picked their shining spokesman out of the student population at the high school for the assault on the 2nd Amendment. They have chosen Florida high school senior, David Hogg, the son of a former FBI agent.  In one interview, a day or two after the attack, David states he heard gun shots first and then the alarm was pulled.[10]

As head of the high school media crew, there have been accusations he and a couple of fellow students anticipated the second alarm in the afternoon. David and some of his friends began video recordings, anticipating the SWAT team was coming through their door at any moment.[11]

Did panic later gripped David when he realized he was no longer participating in a False Flag Hoax? This was the real thing. Seventeen of their fellow students actually died; another fifteen seriously injured. Take a peek at David’s initial interview immediately after he realized what he had gotten himself into. It was such a terrible interview[12] why would the MSM take the time to calm him down, suggest some phrases he might use, and edit the footage later?  They could have gone on to speak to anyone of hundreds of witnesses there.

Could it be the Deep State told their news executives this is the horse they were going to trample the 2nd Constitution with? Let the kid get over being duped. Who would believe David if he said he only agreed to participate in a Fake Flag hoax? David is old enough to learn how the Deep State ensnares their minions. If you want fame and fortune you have to sign a pack with the devil. The end justifies the means!

Some viewers, watching the above interview, accused the David of acting and forgetting his acting lines of betrayal.  David and his father responded on Trump Jr. giving a thumbs-up to the accusation in a CNN interview.[13]

Truth or Consequences

reporterAround the same time David’s initial shaky interview was taking place with the designated MSM, some uninvited reporters, from out-of-state, flashed their press credentials and were accidentally allowed on to the school grounds to interview the students at random.

The Houston sports reporter, Matt Musil, and his filming crew, had wandered over from a nearby Astro’s baseball spring training game to provide live coverage back to their Houston news network. They were unknowingly exposing a drastically different, second narrative to the shooting massacre. They were hearing about the possibility of an organized attack involving multiple shooters.  In the earlier 6 PM (Houston, Texas airing (2.45 min)[14]

Matt refers to the 10 PM interview with a student who claims she knew the alleged shooter from Middle School and actually bumped into him in the corridor during the shooting.


The 10 PM, 2.42-minute interview[15] with Douglas High School senior, Alexa Miednik was not aired by Houston station. Was pressure put on the station not to show this remarkable interview to the public?

Fortunately, Matt Musil, appearing to be a Patriot, released his interview on his Twitter account.

In Alexa’s interview, she describes how she and Nikolas Cruz walked side-by-side as shots were being fired elsewhere. She detailed how she nervously joked with him she thought if there ever was a school shooting, he would have been the shooter. Alexa commented Cruz replied dumbfoundedly, “What?” She finished the interview by again saying, if Cruz was one of the shooters, there had to be a second. Cruz and she just separated when she heard shots being fired elsewhere in the building.

student 2In this third interview, with an unidentified student, the female student described multiple-shooters stalking and entrapping students and teachers alike upstairs for execution.[16]

She added one of the shooters was taunting students to come out of the classrooms and be rescued. One student ran out and was shot.

The unidentified student says multiple shooters totaled three.  She detailed how the building only had two exists located at opposite ends of the first floor. When students ran upstairs to escape down the corridor from one shooter, students from the other end warned them they were being stalked from the other end too.

Students had to scurry into classrooms to barricade themselves from these predators. As two of the shooters continued blocking access to the only two exits on each side of the building, a third shooter, starting on the first floor worked his way up to the third floor. The student detailed how one brave teacher was shot in the head while trying to defend students. Another teacher from another room was shot in the arm while opening the door for students to hide.

secret service

Jalen martinThanks to senior, Jalen Martin, we have since learned a few weeks before the shooting, Secret Service officials showed up and began overseeing active shooter drills at the high school.  They were also changing some of the shooting protocols which may have increased student exposure to harm.

Jalen agrees there were multiple shooters.  In a block buster statement, the question of single shooter or multiple shooters can be resolved by viewing footage from twelve active cameras in the building. Like Las Vegas, the building has cameras everywhere.

Jalen explained there are three cameras in each of the two stairwells and two in each of the three corridors.[17] Why haven’t these videos been examined and released?  When will we learn what was on the cameras?

If school officials inform us all twelve cameras were deactivated or destroyed by gun fire or turned off, this would again point to those who believe “the ends justify the means”.

cruzIf Jalen is correct…where is the film footage? Will we see Nikolas Cruz, age 19, 5’7”, 120 pounds [18], diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, was alone going up and down the stairwells and corridors. Even if he is in military grab, it should be relatively easy to confirm if he was shooting students and teachers alike.

What if we discover well-built, rogue military personnel attempting to destroy the American Republic through its children?

I doubt the American public will ever be permitted to see what is on the video tape, that is, if the footage still exists.

complaint afadavit

Other Questions Which Need Explanations.

Why would a 120-pound shooter wear an awkward gas mask and breathing device if he intended not going to use the smoke grenades?  It added weight will everything else he is wearing.  Was the shooter(s) concerned with the school’s twelve cameras?

Slinging a loaded AR15 rifle, with a reported vest containing ten additional clips of ammo, the shooter had to be clearly one cool, cunning psychopathic predator to pull off all this carnage. Does this stand up to how the other students describe Nikolas?

Where did Cruz get the expertise and training must one have to carry out all this carnage with a gas mask and breathing device on?

It is reported the shooter left all his gear on the third floor.  This should have been caught on camera as he took it off in the corridor.

Again, where is the video from the twelve cameras?

sheriffBroward County is one of the most progressive counties in Florida. The county sheriff [19] seen visiting the wounded students in the hospitals appears so full of compassion.  Some one should ask the Sheriff, Scott Israel, why he suddenly pulled off the two-armed officers assigned to the high school campus, daily, for security. Why were they ordered to pursue some off-campus incident on that fateful afternoon? [20]

Remember the time line cited earlier. At 2:19 p.m., a school employee allegedly recognized Nicolas Cruz. Rather than alerting a colleague that the former student was “walking purposefully” toward a school building with a soft black case, the employee would have notified the two-armed security officers.  At 2:21, in an alternative timeline, it would have been reported two security officers arrested Nicolas Cruz without incident.  Everyone on the school campus enjoyed this special day of expressing friendship and love.

Last Question:  The MSM ignored all but around eight of the high school students from the Florida shooting. Fortunately, Houston news picked up many others with different shooting narratives. Are David Hogg and the seven other students in this photograph crisis actors for the Deep State and future secret society members?

If you are beginning to Question the MSM Story on school slayings, you might find the following article of interest. Can you handle the truth?

OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools.

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