BOMBOGENESIS: Geoengineers creating newly destructive weather events

‘Bombogenesis’ Replaces ‘Polar Vortex’ as Global Warming Excuse for Extreme Cold

By P.J. Gladnick | NewsBusters

Forget about polar vortex as an excuse for how global warming is causing extreme cold weather. A brave new word seems to have replaced it: “bombogenesis.”

The most enthusiastic promoter of bombogenesis in the mainstream media is non climate expert, physicist Michio Kaku. Although Kaku previously used the polar vortex excuse frequently, he has now enthusiastically embraced “bombogenesis” as you can see in his CBS This Morning report below which he delivers in such apocalyptic terms that he claims the weather will be so extreme later this week that the temperature drop will last most of the rest of this month:

Superstorm Nuri packs more energy that hurricane Sandy. It’s headed our way and we are in the bulls-eye. This weekend it’s going to plow into Alaska creating 50 foot waves. Then by mid week all hell breaks loose. It’s going to collide with the jet stream, pushing Arctic air all the way down perhaps as low as Florida. Now remember the polar vortex of last year? This is different. There is a name for this. It’s called “bombogenesis.” That’s geek talk for when pressures suddenly drop. When you have hot air, cold air colliding like what we’re going to see over Canada and the American Midwest. Plunging temperature perhaps 30 degrees below normal.

….In a worst case scenario it could mean a deep freeze. It means airlines cancelling flights left and right. It means transportation being disrupted. Train schedules being disrupted. People’s schedules being thrown a kilter. So we’re talking about a massive disruption which will peak around November 13 to November 15. But ripple through the rest of November.

…It peaks mid week next week so expect several days of pretty miserable weather but then ripples, ripples will probably be with us for the end of the month.

Kaku is no stranger to blaming cold weather on global warming. Newsbusters’ Kyle Drennen revealed Kaku over three years ago in February 2011 agreeing with the premise that winter storms were caused by global warming:

It seems to violate common sense, but as the Earth begins to heat up, that means more moist air in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico on average. Which creates more precipitation, and eventually more snow.

Um, so if winter storms were caused by moist air in the Caribbean, wouldn’t that be a case of “babalugenesis?”

As recently as last July, Kaku was still beating the polar vortex shtick to explain away the unusually cool summer temperatures. Now he seems to have switched gears to come up with “bombogenesis” as his favorite excuse for colder than normal weather.

Perhaps it is time for a new word to be coined to describe the clownish attempts of those in the MSM to blame cold weather on global warming: “bozogenesis.”


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