It’s Almost Unanimous: Trump’s Jerusalem Decision A Fiasco!

Santa Rosa, CA
December 9, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The world is responding almost in unison to President Trump’s announcement that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. With little exception, it is being rejected as a deeply flawed move destined to cause enormous chaos in the region.

The worst part of all for Trump is it provides dramatic support to the popular belief that he is a puppet of Israel and its Likud leader, Bibi Netanyahu, whose decades old relationship to Jared Kushner only strengthens that image.

What might have been a bold gesture to move the “peace process” forward had it been publicly coordinated with Russian President Putin is now seen universally as a narrowly focused effort to satisfy AIPAC and the Christian Zionists who voted for him last November.

Back in April, Putin made a preemptive move to diffuse tensions in anticipation of what Trump and Congress had vowed to achieve: moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem after acknowledging it as Israel’s capital.

That clever decision created the space for Trump to say something similar while leaving the final status negotiations to the parties with the implicit possibility, however unlikely, that East Jerusalem might emerge as the Palestinian capital.

Now we are faced with a slew of potential horrors after the Pandora’s Box of woes was opened by Trump on Wednesday. A brief review of some headlines shows that the initial response from the United Nations, the Vatican, the Arab League, Turkey’s President Erdogan, Saudi King Salman, Iran, and the Palestinians themselves is anger and rejection. Iraq has also come out against it and is threatening to shoot our soldiers. Egypt’s top cleric has cancelled his meeting with Vice President Pence. And over 100 Jewish scholars have condemned it as well!

Protests and violence have begun in what may well be the start of an extended intifada or worse: the long predicted and desired Armageddon that many Fundamentalists believe will usher in the return of Christ.

Paul Craig Roberts warns us that America is “Walking Into Armageddon” with our orchestrated hostility towards Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. The Jerusalem decision seems consistent with that possibility while increasing the likelihood that it may come true. As things now stand, we may not have long to wait!


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