The liberals are the real fascists (actually communists).

The extreme versions of both fascism and communism look exactly alike

Both are totally godless and demand unswerving worship of the state

Comment posted by Redland Girl

If people think that they are living under fascism with Trump as President, then they are ignorant sheep. And, they are minimizing the suffering of those who actually lived under fascism.

The true face of fascism is these extreme liberals who won’t let anyone else speak. They are too afraid that, if they actually had to have a conversation with someone, their arguments would be destroyed. They are childish and dangerous at the same time.

What will America be reduced to? Two groups shouting at one another?

And, if they do overthrow the government, do these sheep actually believe that they will be given any position of power? No, they will be the grunts with no freedoms.


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