The Sultans of Silicon Valley & the American Patent Theft Conspiracy

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Relocate to California

State of the Nation

The following video and provided links paint a picture that is so far from what people are propagandized to believe that you really have to listen to the video posted below.

The only way to grasp the depth and breadth of “American Patent Theft Conspiracy” is to view the incriminating proof and hear the overwhelming evidence.  It’s not so much the sheer complexity of the criminal conspiracy as it is the cast of characters who are involved, all of whom act with utter impunity.

The names of these bad actors don’t get any bigger than those shown in the photo above.  They represent a “Who’s Who” of the Sultans of Silicon Valley.   This aspect is what makes the ongoing crime spree so incredible.

The articles listed below offer additional information and valuable perspective on this “patent crime of the century”.  They are followed by the aforementioned video produced by American Intelligence Media.

VIDEO: Patent Theft Becomes All The Rage In Silicon Valley

The bottom line here is that anyone who really invents something quite technologically advanced in the Internet realm, which has extraordinary revenue-generating potential, is certainly going to have it stolen from them.

Many folks who have played the financial market(s) at a high level do so because they have exited the invention side of the marketplace due to the forces that are vastly arrayed against them.  The smart money nowadays knows that only certain foreordained players are permitted to bring certain inventions to market.  The rest of us can only watch and/or gamble our investment capital on those horses who we know have been selected by Deep State to get all the credit for the work done by brilliant, yet nameless, inventors.

State of the Nation
October 21, 2017

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