Operation Social Media Shock and Awe

How Corrupt Federal Judges, Bankers, Lawyers & Politicians Grow Rich on the Backs of U.S. Inventors

Message from the Mothership

Patriots, the above article is a very important “truth bomb” that needs to be pushed out through all social media. Start thinking about this “war” in terms of information being the weapons, instead of rockets, bombs, and bullets. In this war we drop massive, nasty, horrific TRUTH BOMBS.

The alternative media network–that’s YOU–has been pummeling the Deep State enemy with truth bombs for many years. But now our global alternative news network is huge. Can you see it coming over the horizon, casting its huge shadow over the criminal cabal? It is the MOTHERSHIP. And she is not happy.

In lightening speed, this message can reach thousands of people who can multiply to a hundred thousand and then to a critical mass of awakened human beings that can kill any further progress of the New World Order.  

Together we have been able to force Congress to ask Jeff Sessions about Uranium One.  (BTW, Jeff, we are waiting for your response. Senator Grassley, thank you for asking the AG what the heck he is doing about UO and having the question put into the official record.)

We managed to get other congressmen to hear testimony from Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller about the Imran Awan Pakistani spy ring. Judicial Watch continues to use the power of FOIA and the courts to seize illegally-held documents from our entrenched bureaucrats and enemies at the State Department and FBI. 

Just this week Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberi announced his sudden resignation once we connected the dots and showed how he may be involved in the Leader patent theft.

We left the corporate propaganda media no choice but to throw their Hollywood brothers overboard like ballast in an attempt to keep us distracted from what is really going on. We the People are 


This traction is building because of you! When you push truth through the internet at lightening speed, you are using social media the way innovator Michael McKidden, CEO of Leader Technologies meant it to be used — as a tool of good for humanity— not a weapon of global social control as the Deep State has turned it into.

In the craziest irony of all, we are asking you to use the very technology that the Deep State stole and weaponized against us…to ‘fire’ on them with deadly accuracy. We want you to use Leader’s technology that gave social media infinite scalability. We ask you to push out the article above to your social media network, asking your audience to to the same, and theirs as well. We call this

Operation Social Media Shock and Awe.

You don’t have to leave your armchair to fire these bullets and bombs. We want you to tweet it, email it, post it, share it, like it. We want you to come up with your own articles, research, images, memes, videos, or whatever is your social media talent to expose Facebook for what it is – stolen technology from an authentic American entrepreneur by the criminal thugs in Washington who turned it over to the CIA-NSA to spy on us, control us, and enslave us. And they are the same dirty rat traitors names that appear in most of our citizens intelligence reports at the American Intelligence Media

This week the Deep State was attacked from all sides with truth revelations. Now we need to surprise them and send in our truth bomb helicopters. Get your  ‘copter ready and load up your truth bombs. FIRE! And don’t forget to send the article link to people outside of your network like your congressional representatives, the White House, the U. S. Patent Office, the Attorney General, your favorite news sources.

Let’s show President Trump that We the People have his back.

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