“We The People” vs. The Swamp

Rohnert Park, CA
October 15, 2017

by Rich Scheck

A new book by Patricia Muth describes the history of the Perot campaign in 1992
that laid the foundation for a triumphant Trump in 2016:

What she says goes to the heart of my 40+ year effort to create a new political party:

Attacking an impotent Congress that doesn’t support the populist platform at the
core of the Trump agenda is the strategy of Robert David Steele and Cynthia
McKinney who are promoting #UNRIG: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=86467

With outside help from the likes of Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and Alt Right media,
the Trumpsters are taking aim at the RINOs in the GOP Establishment:

The 2018 mid-term elections are only a year away. The vulnerability of Congressmen
to both the progressive left and the populist right is increasing. The Steele/McKinney
plan to go “beyond Sanders and Trump” may coalesce in the months ahead, especially
if the President reneges on his pledge to avoid foreign entanglements.

Regime change in the name of Pax America is the essence of The Deep State Swamp
that dominates the two party tyranny that created the Washington Consensus Muth
discusses in her book.

Draining the swamp has proven difficult for Trump in the first year of his Administration.
Picking an array of Neocons and Globalists to populate his cabinet was a poor way to
fulfill his campaign promises. With advisers like Henry Kissinger and Goldman Sachs
executives, his team is similar to what Hillary Clinton’s might have looked like had she
prevailed in the election.

Playing golf with populist Senator Rand Paul as well as listening to his father, Ron Paul,
who also inherited support from the Perot Movement, are good ways for Trump to move
away from those who at times have boxed him into the wrong policies.

While working to take down the RINOS, the president will also have his hands full fending
off the Purple Revolution proponents leftover from Obama and Hillary’s years in office:

Bannon may well be correct in predicting a landslide for Trump in 2020. But the road
ahead and the struggle to remove all the gators from the swamp will challenge even
the best of politicians, something the incumbent has yet to demonstrate he can be.

We will see soon enough how all this plays out.

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