1917 Russian Revolution Reminder: They All Agreed WWI Must Come To An End!

Rohnert Park, CA
September 30, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Few say it as well or as directly as Gordon Duff:
(should be 2017)

This article, apparently written a few weeks after Trump won the 2016 election,
outlines the parallels between the Russia of 1917 when that nation was suffering
from the misguided leadership that kept them mired in the trenches of WWI and
the US of today where, 100 years later, endless wars are exhausting the resources
and patience of the American people.

I have long called for a political revolution centered around a narrow agenda with
the primary focus on ending our endless, illegal wars. Both the Tea Party Right
and the Occupy Left have called for that result. Trump’s victory reflected his
embrace of that platform and the rejection by the public of the two-party tyranny
that included Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=68524

Just like in 1917 Russia, “they all agreed (the wars) must come to an end!”
This is the formula for stopping the madness, the waste of resources (perhaps
Six Trillion Dollars), the slaughter of innocents and the deaths of our loyal
warriors. Our troops are sent into harm’s way thinking they are fighting for
God and Country when in fact they are fighting to protect the multinational
corporations, the New World Order, the Deep State, United Fruit (can you
say Smedley Butler?), the banksters, the Zionists, the Illuminati, the military
industrial complex or whatever else you want to label the small clique who
benefit so much from these wars.

Unless and until some group or focused political party can unite these seemingly
diverse factions, our nation is doomed. Right now Cynthia McKinney and Robert
Steele have positioned themselves the best of all other groups I am aware of.
They have pivoted away from Trump and are doing their best to remind us: all
agree the wars must end! http://phibetaiota.net/2017/09/robert-steele-cynthia-mckinney-former-representative-and-intelligence-official-team-up-to-unrig-elections/

But time is running out and societal collapse is likely unless those in charge heed
the warning JFK issued over 50 years ago: “Those who make peaceful revolution
impossible make violent revolution inevitable!”

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