The Perfect Candidates and Platform for the American Populist Party

Carlsbad, CA
March 13, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Following his surprise victory in last year’s election, I characterized Donald
Trump’s win as the fulfillment of my dream: the creation of a new political
party bridging the phony left/right divide……….what I called the American
Populist Party (APP).

To the extent that his success represented the rejection of the two-party
duopoly in electoral politics, I was correct. To the extent that Trump
has quickly demonstrated that he relied on populist rhetoric to win but
was merely an extension of the Deep State in a new form, I was way
too optimistic.

Trump is showing his true colors, especially in foreign policy, where
he is proving to be an advocate of Pax Americana rather than the non-
interventionist many had hoped for.

In other words, Trump’s America First approach is a nationalist version of
the New World Order instead of the Globalist one we saw under Bush
and Obama and which Hillary promised to continue.

Trump’s comfort level bombing the heck out of any group or country that
opposes his views reflects the failed policies of intervention and regime
change that constitute the Washington Consensus.

The good news is that a few in Congress have shown the courage to speak
out against this approach. Tulsi Gabbard set the bar last year when she opposed
the DNC’s position on the war in Syria and boldly challenged her fellow Democrats
in a manner even Bernie Sanders would not do.

Then she proposed a bill calling for “the US to stop funding terrorists!” This
amazing piece of legislation spoke truth to power regarding the true nature of
our foreign policy and the Deep State that runs it…… matter who is in
the White House.

Now, Rand Paul, has joined this significant conversation by introducing a
similar bill in the Senate that matches the Hawaiian Congresswoman’s call
for “the US to cease funding terrorists!”

Paul, a Tea Party/Libertarian member of the Republican Party and Gabbard,
an Occupy Wall Street/Sanders supporter from the Democratic Party, are
the type of populists who would make ideal candidates to lead my suggested
APP in 2020.

Paul made an unsuccessful run for president last year. One of the highlights
of his campaign was his speech in “liberal” Berkeley on the transpartisan issue
of curtailing NSA wiretapping. With the Vault 7 revelations from Wikileaks
validating his concern for government excess on an issue that affects every
citizen, he has strengthened his claim to leadership on that sensitive topic as
well as others that form part of my limited APP platform.

The combination of opposing illegal wars based on lies, curtailing the excesses
of the national security state, and dramatically reforming our dubious monetary
system by auditing and/or eliminating the Fed would readily serve as the bedrock
foundation for a successful APP platform in 2020.

It would build on the success of Trump but be free of his personal baggage that
includes his past business transactions, narcissistic personality, overly aggressive
foreign policy and high-comfort level with members of the swamp he was elected to
eliminate but who somehow inhabit his Administration in droves.

In other words, a Gabbard/Paul APP ticket in the next presidential election based on
a limited agenda focused on peace, prosperity and a restoration of civil liberties as
promised by the Constitution is entirely doable. We know the votes are there because
that’s how Trump won. We know the issues resonate with the polity because they were
the ones he relied on to rally his supporters.

Now all we need are leaders who truly embody what is a proven formula for victory and
whose courage and independence from the political establishment are beyond question.

Gabbard and Paul represent that and provide the inspiration for those bold enough to
make it happen!

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