15 CLUES: What happens when STUPID becomes the “rule”?

By Feudal Serf

The answers are quite simple:

1) Our children can no longer look between their legs and figure out what gender they are.

2) Facts are ignored (and demonized) in favor of convenience and entertainment.

3) Once upon a time, 3% of the population saved the other 97% … now, 3% advocate to enslave the 97% to their narrow philosophies which have failed everywhere else they have been tried.

4) Voting was once a responsibility of those who participate in a productive country and economy … now it seems the game is to overwhelm legitimate voters with those who have no legitimate right to participate and who want and feel entitled to hand outs from the productive ones.

5) Once upon a time, money was the measure of productivity … now it’s the indentured largess of financiers who produce nothing. Stupid people jump on the “hampster wheel” of revolving credit to have NOW what they have not yet earned.

6) People go into the streets and fight for things that undermine everything that gave them the right and ability to do so (total dichotomy!).

7) Rank & file politicians refuse to ‘represent’ constituents in favor of acquiescing to special interest and politically correct influences.

8) “Political correctness” supplants common sense.

9) Saying “no” is a ‘moral offense’ when you don’t agree with something … and you can get sued into compliance.

10) Saying “Yes” to things you disagree with becomes a “survival tool” so that everything you’ve built and published doesn’t get wiped off YouTube, Google and other social media.

11) The corporate media insists that they can think better than you, so you’d better shut up and listen up because you’re not capable of thinking for yourself.

12) The young, on social media, are more interested in which ‘friend’ farted last in class than what is happening around them … got to keep your eyes on that screen, even if it means falling into a ditch.

13) Getting a “free ride” seems more honorable than having pride in an actual accomplishment.

14) Votes get cast based on how cute, telegenic and charismatic the candidate is (Obama/Trudeau as poignant examples) rather than on their abilities, political motives and experience.

15) The public accepts the opinions of politically-driven liars as fact just because they were interviewed on a politically-driven, corporately-paid network financed by the very people who have a vested interest in the public remaining ignorant of the facts.

What will you say to your children and grandchildren about what YOU did TODAY to STOP the distortion and destruction of the most productive and promising society in human history?

Do you want to be remembered in history as one of the honored 3% (as before) … or as a bystander who didn’t have the guts or will to stand up, speak up and make the future a better place?


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