The Charlottesville false flag operation was staged to destroy Trump…

…as well as to decimate and dismantle the Patriot movement

State of the Nation

As the facts come rolling in from those who were actually present at the Charlottesville protest, it’s clear that the entire event was a staged false flag operation.

Charlottesville False Flag: When you look at all the details the evidence is conclusive op was well-planned and staged

Because of its sheer complexity, it had to have been carried out by all the usual suspects — CIA black ops, FBI COINTELPRO, Virginia’s Democratic governor, Charlottesville Democratic mayor, left-leaning Municipal Police Department, etc.  More details are explained in the following exposé: Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened

Of course, this PsyOp has all the markings of a George Soros mini color revolution.  In this case, the various false flag attacks (there were several throughout the weekend rally) were executed to topple Trump.

The Charlottesville psyop was also implemented to disparage and delegitimize the Trump movement with finality.  The goal was to perpetrate such heinous acts of violence that Trumpsters, and all other conservatives and Tea Partiers, patriots and nationalists, would never show up at a protest again.

This is how they always do it.

Whoever poses the biggest threat to the NWO agenda is relentlessly attacked by the mainstream media (MSM) based on false allegations and appalling accusations.

Isn’t this just what the MSM have been doing since last weekend’s manufactured terrorist event?

There’s no question, given all the facts which have been submitted by several eyewitnesses, that this entire protest was fabricated to end badly for those in attendance, as well as for those watching from afar.

What follows are just a few Alt Media reports which radically depart from the barrage of MSM fake news.

In fact, the CNN narrative has been so fictitious that it had to have been all made up well in advance, and then circulated among all the major MSM organs of propaganda BEFORE THE EVENTS EVEN TOOK PLACE.

That was the only way that so much patently false information could have been reported so quickly … even before the numerous acts of violence were investigated.

In this way the MSM swiftly establishes the bogus narrative in the minds of the American people by using the “first impression trick”.   Most will only remember the fake news that is immediately dished out in the aftermath of such a horrific attack.  This is the case even when the subsequently emerging evidence indicates that a criminal conspiracy was covertly at work.

Trump under major assault

The most telling aspect of this PsyOp is the extraordinary aggression exhibited by the MSM talking heads and politicos inside the Beltway toward President Trump.  They have all gone ballistic — as if on cue — to further damage Trump’s image with white supremacist language and neo-Nazi imagery.

The last few days have seen a fusillade of negative media reports directed squarely at the POTUS in attempts to forever taint him as an apologist for various hate groups.  He is not, but TPTB will not relent in spewing this propaganda until Trump is chased out of the White House.

Deep State has coordinated a massive effort to associate Trump with conduct that could be construed as being so unpresidential and repulsive that his own party will eventually impeach him.  This is their immediate goal.  The globalists want Trump frogmarched out of the Oval Office—yesterday!

No one has ever seen the MSM launch into a frenzy of fake news and aggressive commentary against a POTUS.  The following video of CNN’s Jake Tapper is just one of many egregious examples of corporate media out for Trump’s blood.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Must Be On The CIA’s Payroll To Destroy Trump (Video)

Soros & Company targets the Patriot movement

If there was any doubt before, there is none now about the determination of the Soros color revolution machine to overthrow the Trump administration.

Charlottesville protests and Kiev riots have the same Soros fingerprint

International criminal George Soros is merely the pitchman for the ongoing Purple Revolution that was launched against Trump the day that he was elected.  However, it is the entire Trump movement that Soros is looking to completely destroy.

Soros and his countless globalist cohorts know that their planned One World Government can only be realized with the total destruction of American nationalism. Hence, the Patriot movement must be destroyed if their New World Order agenda is to be successfully implemented.

The destruction of American society proceeded unimpeded under the Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama.  However, Trump has proven to be the biggest political champion of the nationalist cause that the nation has ever seen since its founding.

This is why Charlottesville was cooked up by all the traditional supporters of Soros NGOs, Obama’s LGBT mission, the Clinton Crime Family, as well as the extraordinarily divisive “identity politics” movement that has taken the nation by superstorm.

There is no more powerful wedge issue than race.  The Soros machine knows this full well as they showed by using Obama for 8 years to inflame racial tensions as no other president in U.S. history.

With Trump at the helm, the purple revolutionaries will do everything in their power to sink his ‘Titanic’ by directing it towards the iceberg of an unparalleled race war.  Little do these traitors know that Trump is really steering an icebreaker.

State of the Nation
August 16, 2017

Editor’s Note

Without any question, Charlottesville has the “George Soros” hallmark which distinguishes this black op as a classic false flag operation.  That a notorious war criminal and genocidal maniac still has so much control throughout the USA is quite unbelievable. Each of the following posts breaks down different pieces of the Soros MO as he stealthily wages his Purple Revolution.  If the Alt Media knows all of this, don’t the FBI, DHS and NSC too?!

Charlottesville False Flag: When you look at all the details the evidence is conclusive op was well-planned and staged

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