The American Empire Is Rapidly Imploding!

Yelm, WA
July 30, 2017

by Rich Scheck

A brief review of the latest foreign policy developments demonstrates how rapidly the US Empire is coming apart at the seams.

With an Administration in Washington that is run by extreme nationalists and former military men along with a belligerent foreign policy that threatens war and more war across the planet, the economically weak US government has little prospect of avoiding WWIII much less staving off civil unrest at home.

Fed by massive MSM propaganda such as recently appeared on PBS, the American public is being conditioned to see Russia as its enemy:

Sterling’s excellent analysis presumes the possibility that rational minds will prevail and war with Russia can be averted. That is extremely unlikely considering that the US empire is rapidly imploding under the Trump Administration which pays lip-service to fighting the Deep State but which is a more nationalistic
version of it.

The American public is brain-dead and addicted to sports, consumerism and worse. Trump has made the mess he inherited worse with his misguided leadership. His selection of Cabinet members was dominated by hawks and hacks who are unable to deliver on his campaign rhetoric because they see the need to rely on the failed doctrine of projecting military force instead of fostering economic growth through cooperation with Russia and China:

Instead we see an escalation of tensions in all the key trouble spots:
North Korea:

The apparent retreat in Syria is suspect because of our continuing support of the Kurds and is subject to a quick reversal at the behest of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or any of the other players in that ongoing war.

The collapse of the unipolar world and Pax Americana is upon us. Efforts to perpetuate America’s imperial foreign policy under-girded by a criminal mentality that violates the spirit and intent of the Nuremberg Doctrine is being resisted across the planet.

Even the EU is threatening to abandon its (former?) ally in response to the latest sanctions outrage.  We have returned to a delicate historical moment similar to August, 1914 and September, 1939 that preceded the start of the two previous world wars. With such poor leadership at the helm of the America’s Ship of State, the greater likelihood is that we will soon see a repeat of what has gone before.

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