Will Trump sign unconstitutional legislation written to perpetuate Cold War 2.0?

TMR Editor’s Note:
The newly approved Russian Sanctions law spells disaster for the Trump Administration, the United States-Russia relationship, as well as the prospects for world peace.

The Millennium Report
July 29, 2017

N.B. There ought NOT to be a question mark in the article title below.  This entirely misguided and grotesques piece of legislation is U N C O N S T I T U T I O N A L !

Russian Sanctions Law Unconstitutional?

Burlington, WA
July 28, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The following article is an excellent summary of the current state of relations between
Russian and the United States:

The author is a constitutional lawyer who raises important issues regarding the legitimacy
of the new law adopted by the House and Senate both as it pertains to the US Constitution
and the Nuremberg Doctrine of international law adopted after WWII.

Christopher Black makes clear the dangerous path towards Cold War 2.o implicit in this
legislation that President Trump has indicated he is willing to sign. The bill constrains
his ability to reverse executive orders without the approval of Congress. That seems
highly suspect and will undoubtedly be challenged in the Courts.

More serious is Black’s indication that the apparent war preparations by the West against
Russia are reminiscent of the German assault in June, 1941 called Operation Barbarossa.
That triggered the colossal battles between those two armies that continued for 4 years and the amazing devastation in Europe we have all read about.

The Nuremberg Tribunal declared such prewar activity the most serious offense because
wars of aggression lead to all the other criminal acts associated with military conflict. To
the extent the West is preparing to attack Russia, these acts are extremely troubling and
should be met with public outrage.

But who will prosecute these wrong-doers, asks Mr. Black? With Congress eager to blame
Putin and his countrymen for raising tensions and interfering in the 2016 election, the only group available to hold their elected officials accountable is the American people, a deeply divided and confused body of manipulated citizens. https://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=78853

And with President Trump poised to sign the bill into law, its constitutionality is almost
irrelevant. What is relevant is the escalation of tensions and the undermining of the spirit
of the Hamburg Handshake between the two world leaders only a few weeks ago.

With each of these missteps, we are inching closer to the edge of the abyss. Push can
easily come to shove in any number of ways to the detriment of countless billions around
the world.

Who or what can save us from such a fate remains to be seen. As things now stand, it is
clearly not our new president or those holding power on Capitol Hill!


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