Mainstream Media Forever Tainted With “Fake News” Label

And it was Pizzagate that triggered the “fake news” meme

State of the Nation

Was Pizzagate really blown wide open to destroy the Mainstream Media?  If so, who timed it just before the 2016 election for maximum effect?

Some bloggers are saying the “fake news” meme has been around forever.

However, they grossly misunderstand: FAKE NEWS has most definitely been around forever.  Perhaps as long as the news media has been in existence anyway.

But the “fake news” meme was jumpstarted by the mainstream media (MSM) just before Pizzagate was blown wide open by the Alt Media in early November of 2016.

The MSM was obviously acting on orders from Deep State to overwhelm the highly damaging Pizzagate coverage that was bleeding into the hybrid media, and on the way to the mainstream news outlets.

The following graphic clearly depicts this purposeful and indisputable strategy by the agents of Deep State.  Notice how the “fake news” red line inclines precipitously just before the Pizzagate blue line jumps up.  This clearly demonstrates their intention to quickly pre-empt the truly earth-shattering Pizzagate story.[1]

And for anyone who doubts the sheer desperation of Deep State to kill the Pizzagate story, the graphic below nicely portrays what really happened.  Boy, was the C.I.A. working overtime to contain that unparalleled media explosion.

The bottom line here is that Deep State’s extreme strategy to rapidly delegitimize the Alt Media in an effort to undermine the Pizzagate narrative backfired disastrously.  The primary consequence is that the MSM will be forever tarred with the brush of “fake news”. And deservedly so.

When the sitting POTUS refers to the daily MSM output as “fake news”, the whole world is being educated and enlightened about the truth of the matter.  And the Donald J. Trump twitter account reminds those who might forget on a weekly basis.

It could even be said that Pizzagate really exploded on the scene just before the November 8th  election in order to force Deep State into a highly precarious predicament.  They must have rightly perceived the extraordinary danger that many high-level Democrat and Republican operatives would be put in should Pizzagate be investigated and the VIP perps prosecuted.  Hence, the agents of Deep State were compelled to take exceedingly desperate action.

Much more importantly, Deep State knew that their primary global control mechanism — Pedogate — would be put in serious jeopardy if they did not act decisively.  And so they did … to the glee of every truth seeker on the planet.  The MSM has now been consigned to the dustbin of history as a total and complete laughingstock.

P E D O G A T E: A Global Child Trafficking and Exploitation Crime Syndicate

The CIA-owned and operated mainstream media is now on its last leg.  The MSM has very little if any credibility left, and is losing their audience by the hour.  All of the major MSM organs of propaganda produce only fake news, and now the whole world knows it—thanks to Pizzagate!

State of the Nation
June 10 , 2017


[1] PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal

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